Kenya keen on Sudan referendum

Written By:Eugeniah Muguchu/VPPS,    Posted: Tue, Nov 30, 2010


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Kenya keen on Sudan referendum
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Nov 30, 2010 - 6:56:47 AM

Kenya and the African continent are keen to see a peaceful post referendum Sudan irrespective of the outcome of the January 2011 referendum, VP Kalonzo Musyoka has said.

The country and the continent also want the European Union to play an active role to help the people of Somalia reconstruct their Country.

The fight against corruption, human and drug trafficking as well as money laundering are also key in ensuring faster economic growth in the continent, hence job creation and poverty reduction.

These were among the key issues the Vice President raised during the 3rd African Union-European Union summit in Tripoli, Libya where Mr. Musyoka was presenting the position of IGAD and the African continent to the summit on the sub theme "peace and Security".

''Africa will no longer be the scar on the conscience of the world. We declare that the time for Africa to rise is now, '' Vice President said.

Declaring that the continent supports the full implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement in Sudan Mr. Musyoka said ," we are therefore keen to see peace before, during and after the referendum to determine the fate of South Sudan in respect to the  greater Sudan''.

Peace and security he noted were a key prerequisite for creating an enabling environment for sustainable development in the horn of Africa.

Mr. Musyoka acknowledged that support from the EU through IGAD has helped the transitional federal government, boosted the process of reconciliation as well as helps broaden the political participation in Somali.

The Vice president said more involvement of EU and the UN alongside the African union especially now that the AMISOM mandate is expected to end January 2011 is needed.

Mr. Musyoka lauded efforts which have culminated in the improvement of the security situation in the great lakes region.

 "Now as the focus shifts to the post conflict reconstruction in the region I urge for targeted and coordinated policy intervention to enhance economic growth and avert future crises," he added.

The summit brought together heads of state and government from African and European countries including  Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Robert Mugabe of Zimbambwe,  Hellen sirleaf Johnson of Sierra Leone, Bingu wa Mutharica of Malawi, Ali Shein of Zazibar as well as Prime Minister of Italy, Spain Belgium among others.

The Prime Minister of Belgium Mr. Herman Van Rompuy,  who is also the European Union current president said the greatest injustice Is that hunger today affects most the poorest in the rural  areas where the biggest potential for agricultural development is.

He said Belgium was committed to raising its development support in agricultural cooperation this year from 10% to 15% by the year 2015.

Mr. Van Rompuy said small scale farmers especially women should be treated as real investors and discrimination against women in land ownership should be removed.

South Africa President Jacob Zuma said Africa has the potential to feed the entire word if it transforms its rural agriculture into efficient units of production.

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