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Karti affirms: Sudanese - Libyan borders under control
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Mar 31, 2011 - 7:13:52 AM

Karti affirms: Sudanese - Libyan borders under control

Khartoum, March 30 (SUNA) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Ahmed Karti, pointed out that the Sudanese - Libyan border is completely under control Karti said that there were some measures and precautions adopted by the concerned authorities to curb any leakage of weapons and any elements of the fighting parties into Sudan The minister said in a press statement, following the talks made by the President of the Republic Wednesday with the Emir of Qatar, that the meeting reviewed the situation in Egypt, Libya and in the Arab region as a whole He said that both sides agreed upon working together to surpass the current stage and to restore stability to the region He referred to the agreement of the two countries in providing the humanitarian assistances to Libyan war-affected people Responding to a question on support to the Libyan Revolutionists, the minister said that the matter was tackled by the talks, however he added the support to the brothers in Libya was a humanitarian aid to the eastern areas of Libya BH/MO

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