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Karmano inspects Sudanese returnees in Aswan River Port in Egypt
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Mar 20, 2011 - 7:15:07 AM

Karmano inspects Sudanese returnees in Aswan River Port in Egypt


Aswan, March 19 (SUNA) - Minister of State at the Council of Ministers Ahmed Karmano expressed the gratitude and thanks of the Government and People of Sudan to the Egyptian Government and people over their support and assistance to the Sudanese returnees from Libya via the route of El-Saloum ,Alexandria and Cairo, saying that this affirms that Sudanese and Egyptians are but one people


Addressing a batch of Sudanese returnees at Aswan River Port in Egypt Saturday, the Minister affirmed the Sudanese Government committed to facilitate the procedures for any one who is willing to return home


He revealed that President Al-Bashir has approached the Egyptian Government during his recent visit to Cairo to assist in the evacuation of the Sudanese returnees from Libya, saying that the response of the Egyptian government was very prompt in all the ports and stations in collaboration with the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo and the Sudanese consulate in Aswan


The Minister further expressed his happiness over the chants of the returnees upon receiving him by saying "viva Egypt," in recognition of the great role of Egypt in their return to Sudan


Karmano revealed that about 15,000 returnees have reached Sudan in the last couple of weeks, saying that Sudan was the only country which did not receive any external assistance from foreign quarter, save from Egypt, in evacuating its subjects, hailing the Egyptian revolution and reiterating Sudan's support to the will of the people there


Meanwhile, Sudan's Ambassador to Egypt, Gen. Abdul Rahman Siral-Khatim said by receiving and hosting the Sudanese returnees from Libya, Egypt has affirmed that it will be the land of tranquility and security not only for the Sudanese people but also for all Arabs


The Deputy Commissioner of Aswan, Gen. Mohamed Mustafa, said the some 7000 Sudanese returnees have arrived in Aswan and that the returnees did not pose any threat or hazard to the locals and to the authority because of their good conduct, highlighting the role of the Youth of 25 January in assisting the Sudanese returnees


He further affirmed that the Sudanese-Egyptian relations will always be strong and historic because Sudan is strategic extension of Egypt


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