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International Support to Darfur Peace Process in Doha Affirmed
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Jan 23, 2011 - 5:55:15 AM

International Support to Darfur Peace Process in Doha Affirmed


Doha, Jan. 21 (SUNA) - The Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdalla Al- Mahmud, and the Joint Mediator of the United Nations and the African Union (AU), Djibril Bassole, met Thursday at the permanent headquarters of the State of Qatar to the UN in New York, the permanent representatives of Russia, France and Bosnia-Herzegovina which is the chairman the UN Security Council for the current month


The two mediators held another meeting with the African non-permanent states to the Security Council which include Gabon, Nigeria and South Africa. Al-Mahmud and Bassole met same day the Sudan Permanent envoy to the UN and briefed him on the completion of peace process in Doha and the intensive consultations the Mediation carried out with all the concerned circles


The meeting also focused on the efforts being exerted by the mediation to complete the proposed Peace Document prior to submitting it to the Arab-African Ministerial Committee and then the concerned parties in Darfur and regional and international partners for approval


The Representatives expressed their support to Doha Peace Negotiations , urging all the armed movements of Darfur to join the peaceful peace process in Doha



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