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Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 29th of December 2010
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Dec 29, 2010 - 7:23:43 AM

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 29th of December 2010


ALRAID: in a secret meeting , notable Dinka leaders calls for co-existenence with the Missairyia -------Kamal Obaid : the president will complete his term of office according to the constitution ------ the governent calls on UN to make a report on the DDR expenditure spheres


ALAHRAM ALYOUM: Dollar price slides down against SDG and is expected to continue its price drop during the coming days ---- Bagan Amom announces the dissolve of the organizational institutions of the north sector in SPLM


AKHIR LAHZA : Albashir in Algezira : no national government and we will not loose our leagality by the seperation ----- the economic security reveals a plan to control the markets and accuses some parties by utilizing the economic situation in the country------ heading to Doha today , Dr. Ghazi says the ICC is a colonial European club ------Luka Biong recommends carrying measures for the reactions after announcing the referendum result


ALSAHAFA :Albashir: we will support the south neighboring country untill it stands on its feet


ALWATANI : American advise on Abei threatens the south referendum


ALINTIBAHA : Albashir : no intention to form a national government -----SPLM and justice and equality form a joint military force ----- the constitution repeal the south representation in the government after the seperation ----- Bagan reveals the SPLM plan after the seperation


ALSUDANI : Albashir : the ball is on the southerners playground------ Karti warns from the south government hosting to the movements


ALRAI ALA'AM: Albashir pledges to rehabilitate Gezira scheeme and surfacing the land by laser ----- Albashir to address the nation on Friday ------- the Guardian calls the west to support Albashir


ALAHDATH: Albashir refuses the opposition demand and assures the government ligitimacy ------ the international mediation meets Darfur displaced representatives in Tchad ----- the referendum commission needs precautionary measures accompanying the result announcement ------ Taha reviews the economic measures for providing the commodities


ALKHARTOUM: SPLM calls the opposition parties to conciliate with the government ---- Justice and equality announces its readiness to return to Doha negotiations ---- A'amr Musa reviews with Taha a number of issues yesterday


ALWIFAG : capturing more than 600 sugar sacs in some stores in Khartoum ----- the government warns the south from the military escalation and hosting the military movements ------ new customs measures for the importers as from next year


ALAKHBAR : a presidential committee to take strategic measures on Sudan's future ----- the president : the only chance for the opposition is to organise its lines ---- Taha qet acquainted on the supply of main commodities to the people ----- 1.9 billion USD the total expenditures on social security ---- the commission approve 80 national monitoring bodies and 28 foreign bodies


ALAYAM : Albashir peledges to help the south to build a stable state ----- Amoom : we agreed to submit the post referendum disputes to the presidency ---- the constitutional court accept the appeal against the referendum ALWAN :

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