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Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 27th of December 2010
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Dec 27, 2010 - 6:32:18 AM

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 27th of December 2010


ALRAID: withdrawal of Kenya from the ICC affirms the loss of trust in it ------ first lady auspices the SMS project for support of the needy ----- a call for banning the mortgage of houses where families are living in ----A'amr Musa to visit Sudan today ----- --Minawi issues an order to assassin his movement oppositions


ALRAI ALA'AM : Taha : the salvation wont lead the country by exceptional laws and abusiveness ------- National Congress : SPLM force in the north must leave


ALWAN: Al Bashir to inugurate a number of services projects in Gezira ------the parliament questions about the security measures for the referendum process ----- the parliament calls for restructuring the Hajj and Omra corporation


ALINTIBAHA : National Congress demand the deportation of the SPLM from the Blue Nile and Nuba mountains ---------- National Congress warns from the establishment of a state with unknown boundaries


ALINTIBAHA : the discovery of the entry of 108 foreigners and Sudanese to Saudi Arabia


AKHIR LAHZA : Ali Osman : the talk about a national government is before its time ----- 3100 Sudanese and 650 international observors in the South referendum


ALAHDATH : Taha : the pressures on the SPLM leads to the seperation ------ Taha directst to carry the amendments of the constitutions to coincides with the coming period


ALSUDANI: the South government requests from the leaders of the Darfurian movements to leave


ALAYAM: the mediation receives the government perspective for the solution of Darfur problem----- a plan to curb negative phenomenon and violations during the new year's eve


AJRAS ALHURIYA : Abulghait : the stability of Sudan is on the Egyptian priority


ALTAYAR : the parliament look over 33 complains from pensioners against institutions


AlKHARTOUM : the next phase needs a national solidarity ------ Albashir recieves a written message from the Iranian president


ALAKHBAR : ministry of transportation refuses any increase in the travelling tickets



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