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Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 11th of April 2011
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Apr 11, 2011 - 8:17:17 AM

Headlines of major news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 11th of April 2011

Following are the major headlines of Khartoum daily for today Khartoum / 11/4/2011 ALHURA: the government : no evidence of America's involvement in Portsudan accident ----- Albashir directs the states to establish a council for employing the graduates ----- ministry of foreign affairs informs the Security Council ambassadors by Potsudan bombing ------ Kenya keen to support Sudan's issues ------ the establishment of 5 000 residential apartments along the circular road ----- the immunization campaign of 6 million children against POLIO begins today AKHIR LAHZA: the judiciary say its judgment in Rawda Jwan case and Nimairi is innocent from marrying her -----first lady launches the prohibition of vertical aids transmition campaign in Kassala state ALKHARTOUM: Albashir : no appointment in any job except through the selection committee ------- Albashir directs for providing jobs opportunities for all -------- the government : no direct negotiations with the Justice and Equality ------ the Arab League condemns the Israeli attack on Portsudan ------ instruments and equipments to protect the coasts and air of the Red Sea ----------the Egyptian attorney general orders the call of the Egyptian president and his two sons for interrogation ------ the Gulf invests in oil refineries sphere ------- the American Aid makes a strategy for the humanitarian aid in Sudan ALSAHAFA: the African Security Council depending on Ambeki in the peace process , said the implementation of EU committee resolutions about Darfur is disappointing ------ the parliament resumes sessions today with dropping the southerners membership ------ the presidency orders the state institutions to employ all the graduates ALWAN: Albashir to visit southern Kurdufan late next month ------ Alhilal beats Al-ahli 1/2 ------- the Sudan deny the existence of Alashgar on its lands ALAHRAM ALYOUM : the government affirms no existence of Hamas activists in Sudan ----- an Arab and regional condemnation to the Israeli raid against Port Sudan ALINTIBAHA : Sudan and Egypt intends to enhance their joint civil work ALTAYAR : Wali of Khartoum repeals the localities fees issued in 2011 ----- the commencement of discussing the issues of Abei and the boundaries on Wednesday ----- new rules to control the caious of distributing the training opportunities in the state ALRAI ALA'AM : 25 million USD for the graduates employment and a presidential decree to be issued within days ------ ministry of health stops the appointment in the vacant , temporary and par time jobs ALRAID: the mediation starts the preparations for the final document fof Darfur Peace ALAYAM: Washington warns from the eruption of war between the north and south ----- the arrival of the African mediators in Tripoli ALWATAN : the Arab League : the Israeli aggression against Port Sudan endangers the Arab security : Goash : we made a plan to solve the Abei problem with SPLM AKHBAR ALYOUM : the government deny the American accusations by imposing rules on the internet use in Sudan ALWIFAG : Alkhidir issues a decree reducing the fees by 30% E.M

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