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Headlines of major daily papers issued in Khartoum today the 28th of December 2010:
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Dec 28, 2010 - 6:46:17 AM

Headlines of major daily papers issued in Khartoum today the 28th of December 2010:


AKHBAR ALYOUM : minister of interior : the police will protect the referendum and the national economy


ALWIGAG : a corruption regarding south Sudan money ----- a military supply lines for Justice and Equality from Uganda ---- the concerned authority captures large quantities of smuggled sugar in Atbara ----- Khartoum to import flour with the adherence to price liberation policy


Khartoum : the national congress calls for integration between Abuja and Doha ----- the oil ministry reviews its restructuring and the Sudanese oil corporation ----- political directions to continue work in boundaries demarkation between the north and the south ------- the ministry of foreign affairs calls the security council and the world community to fulful their pledges


ARAI ALA'AM :commencement of ceasefire negotiations between the government and the Justice and equality ----- Dibi to remove his brother from the tribe leadership because of his support to Khalil------ four died in flash floods and rains in Portsudan ------ Albashir to ask about King Abdallah health situations ----- increasing the travellers allocated currency


ALSAHAFA : exchanged visits between Albashir and Silvakirr to Juba and Khartoum ----- the banks attorny Returns 151 billion during 2010 ALRAID : The parliament calls for seperating the Omra servics and reducing the Hajj cost


ALAHDATH : the police reveals a plan by the movement to destroy the north economy----- the popular consultation in the Blue Nile on the 5th of January ----- the ministry of interior pledges to protect the referendum -----iauguration of a Sudanese TV office in Doha


AJRAS ALHURIYA : a report : 372 million USD the cost of the South referendum ----- a military support for Justice and equality from Uganda ----DOSA: no mandate over the Judiciary authority ----- the state minister at the oil ministry : Abei production doesn't exceed 1%


ALTAYAR : ministry of finance deny its intention to cancel the cars importation decision ----- ministry of foreign relations calls on the world community to fullfil its pledges towards Sudan



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