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Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 6th of April 2011 .
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Apr 6, 2011 - 7:26:05 AM

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 6th of April 2011 .

Following are the headlines of the daily news papers issued here today :- Khartoum /6/4/ SUNA/ ALINTIBAHA: an unidentified plane bombed a car and a residential area in Port Sudan ---------- robbing the agricultural bank in Juba ------- the government calls on the world community not to put obstacles to the two partners ALAHDATH :A'atta : the Sudan presented a protective initiative to control terrorism ------- a conference in Brussles to review sudan's foreign debts and the separation challenges ------- the southerners parliamentarians crisis on top of the presidential meeting list ------- Justice and equality suspends its participation in Aldoha negotiations AKHIR LAHZA: the parliament calls the minister of health about the financial corruption ALSAHAFA : measures to return 200 million SDG from 15 businessmen ----- teams from the defence , the interior and the security to investigate the incident of bombing a car in Port Sudan ------ a UNMID soldier was killed and two workers injured -------- Silvakiir called the southern parliamentarians to adhere to self control ALWATAN : Madani : a dangerous financial crisis in the kidney hospital ALWAN: the new American envoy arrived at Khartoum ------ Mohamed A'atat: the Sudan is concerned by combating terrorism --------- Almirgahny arrived at Khartoum ALAYAM : the Bulgarian government refuses to pay ransom for the kidnapped pilots in Darfur ------ a Chadian Sudanese measures to prohibit any entrance of Libyan weapons ALRAID : the American envoy to hold official negotiations in Khartoum today ------------ the joint defence council holds its final session in Juba tomorrow ------ Korea to invest in the Sudanese oil ALSUDANI : UNMIS : mines represent a main threat for food security in south Sudan ------ ministry of justice investigate in financing great businessmen ALKHARTOUM : the social welfare calls the private sector to participate in social development . ALTAYAR : 2000 doctors and specialists migrate to Saudi Arabia ------- the north and south will exchange bonds in petrol companies after the separation ALWIFAG: 17 million to meet the doctors money and the parliament calls the resigned minister of health about their money -------- the southern parliamentarian we will participate in Monday session of the Parliament AKHBAR ALYOUM : the Justice and Liberation Movement affirms its continuation to the negotiations with the government while the Justice and equality suspends its talks with the government in Doha ALAHRAM: deputy parliament speaker : we will not approve any political resolution that returns the southerners E.M

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