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Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 4th of April 2011
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Apr 4, 2011 - 7:51:50 AM

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 4th of April 2011

following are the major headlines of Khartoum daily newspapers issued here today Khartoum /4/4/ SUNA ALWIFAG: efforts to develop the government education ----- Albashir : the workers payment is less than the aspirations ---- a resolution dissolving the popular committees ALRAID : the parliament : keeping the membership of the southern parliamentarians is impossible ------ president of the republic : there is a great opportunity to participate in the power ----- Albashir directs to pay the workers wages and provide the popular housings ----- Al Khidir stressed banning of fees collection by the police ------ the government adheres to Abuja agreement until the issuance of a new document ------ Karti : the UNMIS stay will be determined after the ninth of July ALSUDANI: a meeting headed by Albashir to decide about the stay of the southern members in the Parliament ----- the African Union reviews ending the violence in the south AKHIR LAHZA : Wali of Khartoum admits the existence of problems in the national water network ALHURA : Albashir heads a meeting of the graduates employment council ----- children crimes in Khartoum state reduced by 30% ------ the army alert for banning any weapons smuggling from Libya ALTAYAR: National Congress : the nomination of Talafon Koko is the concern of the election commission ----- Alkhidir announces the popular committees elections within 30 days ----- Nahr Alneel Wali : we will respect the people's choice and we don't expect any conflicts about Alshiraik dam ---- an agreement to apply the 100 SDG grant to the private sector ----- Taha affirms the continuation of the negotiations with the Darfurian armed movements ----- National Congress : the participation of the parties in formulating the constitution is a national duty ALINTIBAHA : Albashir : Abei is northern and the south settlement concerns us ----- Alitihadi submits proposals by the constitution amendments to the dialogue committee with the National Conference ALRAIALA'AM: Albashir to the workers trade union : the delay of payments is a crime ------ the government : the mediation has fixed the 18th of April for concluding Aldoha negotiations ALWATAN: the government : no need for the UNMIS in the country ---- ALbashir affirms the concern by the government education and the expansion in health insurance umbrella ALAYAM : Albashir pledges to reform the educational environment ALAHDATH : A German organization returns to work in Sudan after being suspended for 30 years ------- a Bulgarian delegation to investigate the crisis of the kidnapped pilots in Darfur ----- the European Union pledges to help Sudan in its debts relief ALSAHAFA: Albashir to address the parliament opening session today with the absence of the southern parliamentarians ALAHRAM ALYOUM : Wali of Khartoum : the supported bread will be produced within two weeks E.M

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