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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in khartoum today the 3rd of January 2011
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Jan 3, 2011 - 5:31:53 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in khartoum today the 3rd of January 2011


AKHIR LAHZA: 17500 policemen to ensure the referendum in Khartoum and the ministry of interior warns every body who threatens the cicivilians ------ Nigerian ambassador in Sudan passed away ---- police reveals the disappearance incidents of the girl student Maha, and found her body in Koadab area


AKHBAR ALYUOM : President of the Republic meets the interior minister and got acquainted to the preparations of securing the referendum----- minister of interior : the police will be at alert and readiness till the end of the referendum peacefully and the seperation doesn't mean the end of the world


ALINTIBAHA: the police : we are ready to suppress any disorder accompanying the referendum ---- a joint mechanism to face the increase in prices ---- under the auspices of Al -Gezira Wali and the secretary general of the student's welfare fund , the inuguration of Amal Almugtaba unversity city compounds for girls students in Rufaa


ALAHRAM : a historical address for Albishir over Garang's grave in Juba tomorrow ------ministry of interior announced measures to end the southerners problem in Kosti ----- ministry of interior will cancel the nationality and in place will issue a national card and a national number


ALRAID : Wali of Khartoum warns from any plots against the country's security.


ALLRAI ALA'AM : Dr. Aljaz warns from any messing around with the small sugar packages


ALKHARTOUM : Albashir directs the police and security forces to adhere to securing the referendum ---- South Government : the relation with the north will not be incosonant. ALWIFAG: Albashir informed by the privatization of some of the government companies and corporations ------- an increase in livestock exportation to 6.2 million heads -----Wali of Khartoum announces a complete welfare of the hanicapped and their exemption from taxes


AJRAS ALHURIYA : the parliament requests from the ministry of oil to make a perspective for cooperation between the north and the south in case of seperation ----- UN announces the end of the referendum prepartions -----the electricity observation body grants liscences for the companies working in the country----- amendment in the Nile Basin toll after Sudan's opposition


ALSAHAFA : Clinton and Powl in Khartoum next Saturday ------a parliamentarian request to restructure the state in case of seperation


ALWATAN : a partial Solar eclipse tomorrow and the scientists warns from the looking at it directly---- scinetists in London : the British embassy in Khartoum lied about the water story in Sudan and the mentioned bacteria doesn't transfere any disease


ALAYAM : a high level American delegation to visit Sudan on Saturday ------ Jimmy Carter , Kofi A'Anan , and the former Tanzanian president head the referendum international observers


ALAHDATH : Juba ready to receive Albashir


ALAKHBAR : the American Foreign minister to visit the country next Saturday ----- supplying large quantities of small sugar packages in the markets


ALSUDANI : Arab League mission for referendum observation to arrive today ----- National Congress assures its dialogue continuation with the political powers




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