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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartuom today Wednesday the 26th of January 2011
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Jan 26, 2011 - 4:39:40 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartuom today Wednesday the 26th of January 2011


ALINTIBAHA: the President : the separation is the beginning of a new revolution to build our new Sudan ----- the government refused to pay fines against Sudan embassy in London ----- stopping the salaries of northern teachers in the upper Nile university ----Dr.Ghazi deny the mediation's statement by an agreement upon vice president for Darfur


AKHIRLAHZA : Albashir : the separation is a new phase for building the Sudan and no return from the sharia -------- a number of dead in fights between the army and the movements alliance near Alfashir ---- the army : a failure in a helicopter and 26 dead in two fights ------ commencement of petrol exploration in Gazira and Attbara


ALWAN: Albashir pledge to leave the authority if the people uprise against him


ALRAID : minister of defence a special envoy of the president to Trippoli ---- the president announced the construction of Alshiraik - Brbar dam , and said we will leave the governance if we knew the people don't want us ---- ministries of health and human resources development start the appointment of 8 000 medical cadres to be distributed in the states ------ the referendum commissions announced the 7th of February to declare the final results ---- National Congress : expects consultation with the communist and peoples parties regarding the large base government


ALRAI ALA'AM : the opposition agrees to talk with the National Congress with preconditions ----- election procedure for three constituencies of the National Congress in Khartoum


ALSUDANI : announcement of the referendum primary results . And more than 98% for the separation ---- Albasihir : if the people refused us we will go out for them to throw us by stones ----- the opposition requests from the Umma to inform the National Congress by their interest in dialogue ---- Albashir : we will celebrate with the south in case of separation ------ northern students in the southern universities complains to the parliament


ALAKHBAR: Albashir : I will leave power if the people don't want me ---- Albashir : the referendum result is for the separation


ALWIFAG: exploration of great quantities of cement material in southern Darfur and 2 million USD for Kosti and Rabak water stations ---- Mandoor reveals an eminent meeting with the National Congress and Alitihadi the origin ----- Israel retreates from hosting the Sudanese immigrants


AJRAS ALHURIYA : the referendum commission reveals the obstacles it faced and criticizes the weak central support ---- Silvakirr announced his intention to nominate himself as the president of the south in case of separation ---- ministry of human resources reveals new projects for the graduates of faculties of engineers, agriculture , and veterinary. ALHURA : Silvakirr launches the SPLM ownership of 9 jet fighters --- introducing medicines and analysis in the health insurance in Khartoum state


ALTAYAR :Commercial Chambers Union request giving six month as an extra period of time before banning the importation of some commodities


ALWATAN: the people's anger Tsonamy hit the Arab world ---- Albashir : we will celebrate the separation in Juba



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