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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 9th of February 2011
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Feb 9, 2011 - 6:37:26 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wednesday the 9th of February 2011


ALWAN : National Congress and the Umma reviewed details of the next phase ----- Albashir pledges to build a better northern state ----- commencement of oil production in Algazira state ----- the parliament calls its membership to review the referendum result -----An international group reviews the media coverage in dealing with the referendum ----- the Central Bank to compete the gold traders in the gold markets


AKHIR LAHZA : new details regarding the polluted mineral water in the markets and an expert reveals the pollution causes ----- Albashir : the Sharia issue is solved and the development is coming ------ consultations between Albashir and Mubarak regarding the situation in Egypt ------ Gration reveals an agreement between the two partners to solve the Abei issue next month


ALRAID : Albashir : we will continue the development campaign in Sudan ---- the southern parties alliance calls for awarding Albashir the Nobel Prize for peace ---- the government welcomes Washington initiative to lift Sudan of the list of countries sponsoring terrorism ----- a joint meeting between the government and UNAMID to control the security and provide services


ALAHDATH: Albashir announces carrying a population census and warns from avoiding the taxation payment ------ Gration : Abei is the most difficult issue and a great development in Darfur is realized ---- Silva Kiir : some of the Missairiya will participate in Abei Voting ----- the Sudan : what happens in Egypt is an internal affair


ALKHARTOUM: Albashir : after Kurdufan we will extend the electricity supply lines to Darfur --- the Kidnapping of an oil ship navigated from Bashair port ----- Karti affirms the government's intention to cooperate positively with the south state


ALSUDANI : the parliament investigate on importing damaged machineries and calls the minister udan stance from terrorism ----- calling the legislative corporation to approve the separation ----- measures to reform the conditions of the southern diplomats ---- America intends to award Sudan government


ALWATAN : Khartoum ---- enumeration of the southerners working in the health institutions ---- forming a parliamentarian committee to solve the problems of pensioners and the dismissed


ALSAHAFA : the government : the American sanctions had harmed the economy and the international relations of Sudan


ALTAYAR : the inauguration of Um Rawaba electricity station ---- a memo for the president of the republic regardin the northern students in the southern universities


AKHBAR ALYOUM : Albashir to visit northern Kurdufan and inaugurates a number of projects, announcing the launching of the greatest operation of founding and building the development of Sudan


ALAHRAM ALYOUM : measurements and procedures regarding the southern diplomats ----- ministry of foreign affairs : the UN force term of work ends on the 8th of July --- Ghazi : UNAMID a real partner in serving and securing the Darfurians


ALAKHBAR : America to lift off Sudan from the terrorism list next August


ALAYAM : Sarkozi and Cameroon pledges to support the two states , while the European Union and China welcomes the final results of South Sudan referendum ----- the beginning oil production in Abujinn field next April ---- the beginning of 1432 hijjri Omra to the companies and Agencies



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