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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wdnesday the 30th of March 2011
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Mar 30, 2011 - 8:12:36 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Wdnesday the 30th of March 2011

following are the headlines of today's newspapers ARAI ALAAM: Taha directs for making a road plan to implement the Sudanese Egyptian agreement ----- Gasm Allah a tripod to committee to solve the health issue -----Kenya: we will make developed relations with the mother country in Sudan AKHIR LAHZA: a presidential resolution to make and organize an administrative referendum in Darfur ALRAID : the new parliament session to be held on the 4th of next April -----Altahir : the participation of the southern parliamentarians in the new session is unconstitutional ALWIFAG : the army : we are monitoring Minawi's movements in southern Darfur and we are ready for any attacks ------the Nile Basin countries suggests to Sudan and Egypt the establishment of a water Bank ALAHRAM ALYOUM : Nafie : A'arman call to America not to lift sanctions against the Sudan is a great treason ------ A Kenyan parliament calls for the liberation of the African nations from the ICC interference in the continent's affairs ALAYAM : the UN expressed concern about land mines planted by rebels against the south government ----- a new budget for the country after the separation ------- the consumer's protection calls for a free SMS of electricity purchase ALAHDATH : discovering networks specialized in land sales ------ Britain pledges to make strong relations with the Sudan ------ minister of irrigation : talks to convince the Nile basin countries by a new agreement ------ ministry of foreign affairs : the movement violated the national charter ALSAHAFA: the electricity affirmed the stability of the supply and made emergency plans for summer and autumn ----- ministry of health leads the efforts to solve the Doctor's problem ---- Under the supervision of Ambeki the resumption of the suspended issues between the two partners on Tuesday ------- Albashir leaves for Qatar today ------- increasing Sudan's quota to 36 000 pilgrims this year AJRAS ALHURIA : in the 11th national theatre contest Sudan and Holland compete today ALKHARTOUM : a flow in cash raised the exchange Bearux quotas ------ the Central Bank increases the travelers amounts of currencies purchase ALTAYAR : in reply to A'arman's request not to lift the sanctions against Sudan the national congress : the sanctions are against the Sudanese people and not us E.M

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