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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 2nd of December 2010
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Dec 2, 2010 - 7:14:59 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 2nd of December 2010


AKHIR LAHZA :Dr. Alsadiq Alhadi calls for a wide base government -----donors and investors conference in Kuwait pledges to present more than 3 billion USD for the east development ----- 7 killed and 6 others injured in clashes between SPLM and seperatists ------- 11 killed in conforontation in Zalingi during the joint mediation meeting ------- Ali Osman reveals some security measures to protect the oil fields -------- ministry of mining unveils the smuggling of 50 tons of gold


ARAIALA A'M: the parliament investigate about the Hajj and Omra performance and calls to dissolve it


ALAHRAM ALYOUM: Haitham Mustafa the sixth in the world's celebrity stars list ----------In Quwait conference, Amr Musa assures the support of the Arab to Sudan's unity in


ALRAID : minister of oil estimated Sudan's storage from crude oil by one million barrel ------ Taha : an increase of 30 000 barrels of oil daily in the north ---------- Minister of industry calls for implementing the small sugar refills to fight monopoly --------Traffic commandor reveals a plan to reduce traffic accidents ------governmental measures to forbid the entrance of money laundering through the popular mining


AKHBAR ALYOUM: assistant of the president of the republic announces the government adherence by 572 million USD to develop the east


ALAKHBAR : the agricultural bank is not responsible for the importation of agricultural inputs -----------the president cancels his participation in Central Africa celebrations ------- efforts exerted to export 20 000 heads of livestock to Quwait ------- Center for neuclear treatment : we need 40 consultants to bridge the gap


ALKHARTOUM : The commission extends the registration for another week ------ Taha : the government capital are peace development and stability


ALWAN : 251 pilgrims escape drowning in the Red Sea -------- 75% from the gold leakes to Dubai gold market


ALAYAM: launching new oil infrastructures in southern Kurdufan ------ an increase in cancer cases in the country by 12% annually



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