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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 13 th of January 2011
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Jan 13, 2011 - 8:14:12 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 13 th of January 2011


AKHBAR ALYOUM : a meeting in Kadogli headed by Alhilo to form three committes for a united vission on the movements of the nomads and their pathways besides the safety of the voluntry return of the southerns ---- the armed forces arrested a group from the Justice and equality movement in western Darfur --- the government deny receiving an American suggestion to transfere Darfur negotiations to Washington ------ a Sudanese French understanding to convince Abdul Wahid by the unity forum


AKHIR LAHZA : the UN defends its transporting southern Kurdufan wali by its Helicopter ---- SPLM : the voting has surpassed the legal percentage ---- Minister of finance while addressing the youth micro finafnce institution said we will provide every thing for the Sudanese people after the seperation


ALRAI ALA'AM : UN calls the National Congress and SPLM to adhere to quiteness in Abei ----- Albashir heads to Egypt and will inugurate services institutions in the northern state ----- Washington supports the Qatari efforts in solving the Abei problem ----- measurements in the Blue Nile to hold a popular consultation ----- ministry of interior a plan to treat the southerners as foreigners after the seperation


ALAHDATH : Taha and Mashar draw the future plan in Khartoum ------ the settlement of Brazil debts without the south ------ ------- minister of finance :we are able to realize adequacy ------- a contract for a suspended bridge connecting Toti Island with Bahari


ALSUDANI : the commercial chambor calls for reviewing the decision of banning some commodities ----- deterioration of the south returnees humanitarian conditions ------- the central bank calls on the exporters to sell their exportation revenues of foreign currency to the bank ----- minister of finance reveals bonuses for the private sector


ALWIFAG : Wahington studies removing Sudan from the terrorism list ----- the agricultural bank announces receiving dhura sacs by 70 pounds ------ the government deny the privatization of Sudan air is for the benefit of other companies ----- minister of finance affirms the state's support to the youth settlement project -------------- Taha reviews with the northern states walis the referendum process


ALWAN : the referendum participation deosnt exceed 60% ----- the standards and metrology announces the application of the meter system in Sudan ------ UN and Britain expresses their concern on Abei incidents --------- the government : no change in Abei situations


ALSAHAFA : a new eductional ladder and approving the English Language in the South ----- 2.7 million persons needs humanitarian aid and an expectation of a food gap in the south amounting to 340 000 tons ------- Sudan asks Brazil to explore oil in the Red Sea


AJRAS ALHURIYA : the African Union : the referendum proceeded well


ALHURA : increasing the travelling tickets by 20% ----- closing the voting centers in Australia


ALAYAM: Washington to remove the Sudan from the terrorism list in July


ALWATAN : Ki Moon worried about Abei fights



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