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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 10th of February 2011
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Feb 10, 2011 - 5:22:08 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Thursday the 10th of February 2011


ALKHARTOUM : Taha : Abei doesn't affiliate to the south government ----- the political powers agree to continue talks -----Sudan to grant Nigeria Dhura aids ---- arrival of the joint committees on Abei suspended issues ------ Albashir directs for the necessity of continuing the insurance programmes


ALRAI ALA'AM: Goash affirms that the meeting was positive and Bagan said the committees are ready for demarcation ----- the security council congratulates the Sudan by the success of the South referendum ------ Taha : Abei affiliates to the presidency and not to the government of the south ----- Ghazi : Justice empowerment is a precondition for realizing peace


ALSUDANI: the assassination of a southern minister in his office by his driver ------ ministry of finance : the credits allocated for Darfur wont be affected by the separation ----- boundaries demarcation between the north and south commences on Wednesday


ALTAYAR : intensive efforts to correct the names and indexe numbers of the students to sit for the schools certificate


ALAKHBAR: finding a bomb in the faculty of engineering University of Khartoum -------- the kidnapped ship carries 600498 barrels of oil


ALHURA: the elimination of 17 dangerous diseases from the north after the separation


ALSAHAFA: the security council affirms the settlement of the suspended issues ----- a Sudanese Ethiopean committee to stop the attacks on Alfashaga


ALRAID: Kenya benefits from the Sudanese experience to face the ICC


ALWAN: Taha meets the security authority and deny Abei affiliation to the south government


AJRAS ALHURIYA: FAO warns from great food problems ---- resumption of Abei talks and the demarcation net week


ALWIFAG : it is necessary to have an appropriate environment for peace ----- Al Mahmoud arrives at Khartoum today and meets Albashir


ALWATAN: 11 injured and died in a fire break out in Nayala ------Ghazi in Alginaina : the Darfur peace enters a new phase


ALAHRAM ALYOUM : the Qatari mediator in Khartoum assures that Doha talks has reached its final stages ---- the joint political committee reviews the issues of the boundaries , Abei and the citizenship


ALAHDATH: SPLM suggests one year to reform the situations and the National Congress adheres to six months ----- Moon : the peace in Sudan depend on Darfur ----- Land mines removal experts are active in Juba rural areas



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