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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 26th of December 2010
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Dec 26, 2010 - 7:17:05 AM

Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Sunday the 26th of December 2010


ALAYAM : eminant agreement on the referendum aftermath issues ---- Albashir to inaugurate Alhalfaiya bridge next month ----- Abul Ghait : the settlement of Sudan is a national Egyptian security issue ---- Taha reviews with the Sudanese scholars the issue of peace and co- existence


Khartoum : Washington urges the government to intensify its efforts to hold the referendum ----- Alsadiq Alhadi calls for the necessity of the interior front solidarity ----- Mustafa Ismail : the National Congress will respect a transparent and true referendum


ALRAI ALA'AM :an agreement between the mediation and Justice and equality on Khalil's return to Darfur ----- Central bank directs not to cash foreign currency to the foreigners ---- --- deployment of armed force on the borders with the southern states ----- Ministry of education : no holiday for Khartoum state during the referendum


ALWAN: Alhaj Adam calls Alturabi and the poples congress members to join the national Congress ---- Kirr calls the southerners to maintain security during the referendum ---- Almahdi : the country needs Islamic revisions containing all the diversity ----- the opposition patry leaders discuss the final measures of the comprehensive conference ----- Alshiekh Mohamed Abdul Kareem : the Sudanese refuse the secular governance


ALHURA : deployment of forces between Sinnar and the Upper Nile ----- the Pope pray for the return of peace ---- the Nuba refuses A'arman's call to form a northern political party


ALSUDANI: Cancelling the punishment and prosecution against Kobar prison director ---- the parliament investigates the violation of foreign planes to the Sudanese air ------ the two partners to sign an agreement tomorrow in Juba ALTAYAR : an Israeli -Egyptian conflict on the exportation of Russian fighters to the south


AKHBAR ALYOUM: Kirr presented and official address on the Chrismas celebration in Juba sying that unity now has become impossible


ALAKHBAR : the south governent demand 200 million Euro from the communication companies ---- Abu Algahait : Mubarak suggested confidralism on the recent Khartoum summit ----- calls to include the issues of vegetation cover among the post referendum measures ----- ministry of interior reviewes the return of 3000 regugees and displaced to Darfur


ALWIFAG: conclusion of the sixth national students creations competetions , and the distrubution of prizes and awards ----- Washington calls for holding the referendum as schedule


ALWATAN: Chief of the Catholic Curch critisizes the eviction of the southerners and confirms his stay in Khartoum


Alsahafa : 150 SDG /gram of gold



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