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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 10th of January 2010
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Headlines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 10th of January 2010


ARAI ALA'AM: silvakirr : the referendum is a historical moment for which the south people have waited ----- dead people in the renewed fight in Abei and the National Congress bear the SPLM the responsibility ----- Hajo : the parliament will continue without the southern members ----- Taha inspects the work process in the Sudan School Certificate exams ----- paying the employees government allowance with January salaries


AKHIR LAHZA: the first day of the referendum was normal and quite ----- Silvarkirr voted while crying and describing the referendum as historical ----- Kobar prison registered the highest registration rate in Khartoum


AKHBAR ALYOUM : the Missairyia martyers numbers increased to 12 and 50 others wounded ----- a conference for the leaders and the civil society sectors of Missairyia today in Mujlad to determine their stance towards the current situation ----- Obama envoy : the referendum is the last station in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and we will respect the southerners decision and work with the two partners to solve the suspended issues


ALRAID : Karter to the southerners : You will be disappointed after the referendum happiness ended ---- the commission extends the voting for one more hour ----- the Central Bank : an increase in foreign currency and abundance in the exchange market and the parralel market ----- Abu Alghait : we feel satisfied by the two partners understanding of the challenges facing the Sudan


. ALWATAN : Khartoum state starts measures to solve the commodities high prices impacts


ALINTIBAHA: Obama pledges to follow normalization with Khartoum after adherence to peace ----- Kerry calls the Churches of the south to support the seperation ---- Egypt refuses to name the south state as the Republic of the Nile ----- the National Congress adhere to the peacful solution for Abei issue


ALWAN : Central Bank of Sudan bans the exportation of a number of commodoties and products ----- Khartoum bans the activity of the untrained laborers


ALAHDATH : intensive voting in south sudan and Silva describes the the moment as historical ---- the Central Bank confirms the slide in the exchange rate price ---- an American , British , Norwayian welcome by launching the voting process -----997 million SDG the balance of south Kurdufan


ALWIFAG : 347 million USD the November oil revenues and 138 of it is the south share ---- Central Bank bans furnitures importation


ALKHARTOUM : a peaceful launching of the voting process inside and outside the country ---- Taha begins an official visit to Saudi Arabia today


ALTAYAR : Obama renews his promise to lift off sanctions against Sudan and praised the referendum operation ---- the parliament : no double nationality in case of seperation


ALWATAN : the specialization of a university to enroll the south universities students


ALHURA : Taha directs by sending the Sudanese Schools Certificate exams to the south --- Abdalla Deng Nyal : I will vote for the seperation ----- banning the importation of furniturres , biscuits, and fresh meats ---- Umma party calls for preparing economic development programme


ALSAHAFA: a meeting for the interiors ministers in Khartoum and Juba



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