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Headlines of major daily issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 30th of November 2010
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Nov 30, 2010 - 6:51:39 AM

Headlines of major daily issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 30th of November 2010


ARAI ALA'AM: the government requests the postponement of Sudan summit in Tripoli and Albashir heads to Central Africa------ a Tchadian delegation to visit Khartoum next December ------an increase in Oil productivity by more than 520 000 barrel ------ a fire breakeout at the ministry of mining ----minister of interior : many southern officers applied for retirement ----- holding of an Arab conference for supporting unity with the participation of 17 states -------defence council reviews the 56 boundaries violations today


ALWAN: in a secret document published by America : America spies over the UN in Sudan ----- the engineers resignations threatens to stopp the work in oil fields in the south ----- Alnaw: the Sudan school certificate exams as schedule ---------a suggestion to cut one pound from the state's embloyees for the benefit of cancer treatment


AKHIR LAHZA : Silva Kirr: we are after a peaceful divorce ------preparations for launching the east conference in Kuwait tomorrow finished ------ national center for radiotherapy treatment warns from the delay of receiving the medical drugs -----------the government : the European states are working for the failure of African support to Sudan


AKHBAR ALYOUM : president of the national commission: the security council stressed that the referendum to be held on the 9th of January. ALAKHBAR : Sudan has officially requested the postponement of the African peace council meetings


ALWAN Ambeki presented 6 proposals regarding Abei


ALTAYAR : Taha : the animal resources will compensate for the petroleum loss in case of seperation


AL KHARTOUM : the arrest of a gang specialized in steeling the lemo cars. ALWATAN : Prof. Fatma Abdul Mahmoud calls for unifying the northern political parties. AJRAS ALHURIYA : 2500 pilgrims stuck in Almadeena Almunawara after SUNAIR failed to trasport them --- --- Khartoum is worried about the tension between the two Koreas ---6000 policemen secure the referendum registration stations



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