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Headlines of maior daily papers issued in Khartoum tody Wednesday the 24th of November 2010
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Nov 24, 2010 - 7:39:29 AM

Headlines of maior daily papers issued in Khartoum tody Wednesday the 24th of November 2010


ALWAN: Albashir pledges to IGAD to accept the referendum result ------Sudan to develop its military arsenal and produce the air bombs of Sharif 100 - Sharif 250 fhighters


ALINTIBAHA: Ethiopea affirms its support to peace efforts in Sudan ---- the army refusese SPLM sheltering of the Darfurian groups ---- postponement of implementing measures meeting between the government and Minawi movement ----- Khartoum requests from the commission to extend the referendum registration duration ---- Sudan and Tchad agree to develop Gum arabic trade. AKHIR LAHZA: the one day summit in Adiss discussed Sudan issue ---- Almariekh revenged and beats Alhilal with a fiery two scores


ALWATAN : a framework agreement between the two partners on the suspended issues in Addis meeting ---- the world bank approved the appointment of Hassan Ahmed Taha as an executive director


ALSAHFA: Albashir : we won't resort to war what ever the referendum might resutl in ---- IGAD calls for a felxible borders between the two countries in case of seperation----- Minister of defense : t military production increased to 40 million amunitions ----- 700 million barrels the expected production from square 17 in south Kurdufan ----- rehabilitation of rural hospitals by 4 million USD ---- Almahadi : the south seperation wont solve the region's problems


AJRAS ALHURIYA: Silva Kirr assures the continent stability is connected by the peace and security of the south


ALAHDATH : ministry of communication admits the increase in the internet service cost ----- one and a half million USD to rehabilitate the Iternational Park ALAYAM : Ethiopean president : if the war is back in Sudan it will be horrible ----- Albashir accuses the south states representatives in the border demarkation commission by impeding the work


ALWIFAG : appovement of the new occupations result in Khartoum state


ALRAI ALA'AM :Albashir : any solution that doesn't include Abei citizens may lead to dangeros results ----- Silva Kirr : we refuse the referendum postponement and the north stability is a benefit to the south ----- minister of oil : security stability is a guarantee for more exploration


AKHBAR ALYOUM : Albashir back home after participating in the IGAD extraordinary summit meeting ----- President of the Republic is satisfyed by peace and referendum process---- ministry of finance announces the continuation of Shahama bonds at a reasonable profit. ALAKHBAR : the parliament recommends firing officials in the corporation which avoid cooperation with the Auditor General ----- arrival of 13000 Hajj ( pilgims ) from the total of 35110 Hajj this year


---- a memo of understanding between the Arab League and the referendum commission -

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