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Headlines of Major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 8th of February 2011
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Feb 8, 2011 - 6:21:54 AM

Headlines of Major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Tuesday the 8th of February 2011


ALHURA: the presidency officially recognizes the south state ------- Hasab Alrasool : organ transplantation is a complicated issue and needs time ------ the boundaries demarcation committee warns from the delay impact -------Dr.Gottbi : no foreign Agenda behind Gration's visit to the east ----- Albashir to visit northern Kurdufan


ALSAHAFA: the presidency officially recognizes the referendum result ------- Albashir : a political and security coordination between the south and the north ------- Silvakiir : the north should be awarded for implementing the Naivasha agreement ---- Obama : we will recognize south Sudan as a state with sovereignty-------- Almirgahani meets the president's envoy ------ a committee from Alitihadi the original to review the constitution amendments


AJRAS ALHURIYA: Albashir : we will support the south ----- Albashir receives the result and announced his respect to the south and affirms that no return to war ----- Silva Kiir : the separation is not the end of the world and we wont be enemies and the boundaries will be on papers only ----- next African summit will be held in Equatorial Guinea


ALAHRAM ALYOUM: the presidency approved the referendum result ----- America starts lifting off the sanctions imposed against Sudan


ALKHARTOUM : US state ministry: Washington will review the classification of Sudan as a state sponsoring terrorism


ALWIFAG : Albashir : we will fulfill all our pledges and will be a contact bridge ---- ministry of finance allocates 244 million SDG for 500 000 poor families


ALAKHBAR : 428 357 students to sit for the Sudanese schools certificates exams ----- forbidding the ministries from attracting the foreign finance


ALRAI ALA'AM: the Council of Ministers approved the result in an extra ordinary meeting ---- ministry of interior : the continuation of the referendum securing plan and no security threats ----- Taha affirms the state's concern by developing the pharmaceutical industry


ALWAN: the Sudan is now two states ----- Albashir inaugurates today a number of institutions in the northern state


ALINTIBAHA: the south is out of the map of Sudan by an absolute majority ---- continuation of the free supply of the chronic diseases medicines and the life saving medicines ----- the referendum commission announces the end of its work


ALINTIBAHA: Albashir : the separation is a new page in the people's unity


ALAYAM : Silva Kiir affirms the building up of strong relations between the south and the north ---- Albashir issues a decree recognizing the referendum result ----- the boundaries demarcation committee resumes its work today



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