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Headlines of Major Sudanese Newspapers
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Mar 7, 2011 - 7:20:32 AM

Headlines of Major Sudanese Newspapers


Khartoum, March 7 (SUNA) - The following are the major news items in leading Sudanese newspapers issued Monday : Akhbar Alyoum : Police Spokesman: We will deal with demonstrations according to the constitution and the law - The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan submits his resignation denying existence of any disputes among the government economic team


Al-Tayar : Members of Umma Party differ over dialogue with the National Congress Party - Rashid Al-Gunoshi arrives at Khartoum to participate in Al-Guds conference


Al-Ahdath : Al-Bashir leaves to Cairo tomorrow - Sudan rejects new American conditions to lift its name from the blacklist - Transfer of files of the Southerner diplomats to Juba started - The Kuwaiti grant has been allotted for 15 hospitals and 9 schools in eastern Sudan


Al-Watan : The two partners agree to withdraw all troops from Abyei except for the joint forces - Clashes between the SPLA and Athor renewed


Alrai Alaam : Al-Bashir says current changes in the Arab World are prelude to Palestine liberation - Police forces seize arms and ammunitions in Omdurman


Al-Wifag : European efforts to organize a meeting between Abdul-Wahid and Menawe in Kampala in order to accelerate military action in Darfur - Al-Messeria warns against prevention of 10 million head of cattle from crossing Bahr Al-Arab


Al-Akhbar : Arrest of two foreigners working in currency counterfeiting - An American medical team performs 400 surgical operations at Khartoum Hospital


Al-Ayam : Mbeki: A meeting in April to settle Sudan debt , the two partners agree to settle oil issue finally before July - The Justice Minister : the Sudan has nothing to conceal from the independent human rights expert


Al-Sahafa : 3,000 Sudanese national flee to Chad from Libya, 1,150 arrive at Halfa and 5,000 others expected to arrive within 48 hours - Al-Bashir directs the states to allocate endowments for Al-Quds



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