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Headlines of Khartoum major daily news papers issued today Wednesday the 15th 2010
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Dec 15, 2010 - 7:18:19 AM

Headlines of Khartoum major daily news papers issued today Wednesday the 15th 2010


ALWAN : the south parliament lack of security prohibits holding the referendum ------- the parliament investigate in the case of an elderly woman who didn't return from Hajj


ALTAYAR: paying December salaries as from today ------- the constitutional court accept an opposition against the referendum presented by a group of Sudanese lawyers


ALKHARTOUM: the Missairyia refuses any deals that makes Abei affiliate to the south------ Albashir returned home and held many meetings on the sideline of the international federalism conferenccce ----- Norway :western aids to Sudan after the referendum


ALINTIBAHA: Gration to leave to Doha to review the problem of the movements armaments


ALRAI ALA'M: Taha : we wont fear the 9th of January whatever the referendum result ------China canceles its debts to Sudan


ALAYAM : the return of 150 refugees from Israel to the south ------ the refugees commission calls the international community to face the types of displacemen


AAHRAM ALYOUM: the election of Mohamed Hatim Sulieman as chairman of the Arab states broadcasts union ----- Albashir and Zinawi suggest a strategy against the ICC to protect the African leaders ------- following his meeting with the security council , Obama stresses on the two partners to implement the CPA and hold the referendum m------ measures to amend the international law for solving the cases of those who have no nationality


AKHIR LAHZA : a spectacular inauguration of the school activities festival ----- Taha : Sudan will be more secure and settled after the 9th of January


ALWIFAG :the IMF hails the Sudanese economic performance. ALSAHAFA : great expectations in gold mining field ----- E.M

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