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Head lines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 7th of January 2011
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Feb 7, 2011 - 6:19:11 AM

Head lines of major daily news papers issued in Khartoum today Monday the 7th of January 2011


Khartoum : the announcement of the final result of south Sudan referendum today------- Albashir we will not expel the southerners and wont abandon the Sharia ---- --- the president : we will accept the referendum result and refuse the SPLM support to Darfur rebels ------- the security council holds an extra ordinary session to discuss the 9th of February referendum


AKHIR LAHZA: Albashir hails the security authority and says the government wont allow any disorder or sabotage ------ Egyptian Vice President meets politicians and members of the Muslim brothers movement and reviews the constitutional reformation agreement


ALTAYAR : an additional period to solve the problem of some commodities agreed on its importation before the banning resolution ----- President of the Republic : we accepted the referendum result and we aimed at having good relations with the south state


AKHBAR ALYOUM: the practical steps for separation has begun ---- the commission will announce the final result for south Sudan referendum today ----- Khartoum Police announces its readiness to secure the referendum result



ALAYAM: Albashir : hosting the Darfur movement in the south is a red line we wont accept it ----- ministry of higher education deny any decision to establish a substitute university for the southern universities in Khartoum ------ Silva Kiir affirms that no return to war ---- Albashir :outlaws will be cleared from Darfur before next July


ALWIFAG : National Congress wont allow any foreign powers to interfere in the country


ALSUDANI : the south government seeks a capital instead of Juba ---- Albija congress calls the UN to support the east


ALWAN: president of the republic affirms accepting the referendum result and that the relation with the south will be good ----- Gration and Smith calls the UNMID to support the Darfurian economy


ALRAI ALA'AM : Gration and Smith reviews in Alfashir the enhancement of Darfur peace


ALAHRAM ALYOUM: National Congress : no direction to appoint Sadiq Almahadi as president of the Republic ---- UNMID granted a license to launch a broadcast to enlighten the Darfurians by their main issues


ALSAHAFA : a summit between Sudan and Chad and Central Africa to secure the boundaries ---- 195 000 barrels / day the north oil production by the end of 2012------- Albashir : Aldoha will be the venue of the final negotiations on Darfur ----- studies are promising in square 6


ALAHDATH : the UN waiting for a new delegation from Sudan


ALWATAN : a security council session to follow up the result of south referendum final result announcement today ---- Albashir : the southerners in the north are under our protection and wont be expelled ---- Minawi presented an application as a political refugee in Europe



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