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Government delegation headed by Dr.. Ghazi and eight federal ministers to visit Darfur next week
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Feb 3, 2011 - 4:43:08 PM

Government delegation headed by Dr.. Ghazi and eight federal ministers to visit Darfur next week


Khartoum, Feb. 3 (SUNA) Advisor of the President of the Republic the official of the Darfur file Dr. Ghazi Salah-eddin, affirmed that the direct dialogue organized by the state of Khartoum , Thursday, to the Association of Darfur students in the universities and the high colleges is an essential part of the Darfur strategy and is the beginning of the Darfur-Darfur dialogue for it has touched the core issues of Darfur, contrary to what happens with the armed movements that do not go out the self claims of these movements


Dr. Ghazi announced that a government delegation under his chairmanship consists of 8 federal ministers, will visit Darfur States on next Tuesday and Wednesday to inaugurate the development projects and services for which the Federal Ministry of Finance allocated the amount of 200 million US dollars for the rest of this year, he also pointed to the continuation of the other axels of the Darfur Peace strategy which is the reconciliation and the continuation of negotiations with the armed movements


Khartoum State Wali (governor) Dr. Abd Rahman al-Khader called on Darfur students to go beyond the narrow regional perception, and to limit their issue in Darfur, for they are citizens in all of the Sudan and they enjoy all the rights of citizenship wherever they go in the Sudan, the Khartoum Wli (governor) announced his State pledged to work with the student union to resolve the issues of Darfur students in the fields of housing, treatment and sponsorship, declaring sponsorship of Khartoum State to 10 thousand students, and to inter 10 thousand students in the health insurance and to provide opportunities for housing


Haj Adam Youssif the leader in the National Congress (NC) called on Darfur students to demonistrate and organized dialogue to reach a positive outcome on the Darfur issue


The Federal Minister of Roads and Bridges Engineer Abdul Wahab Mohamed Osman reviewed the agreements signed by the government with the roads companies to asphalte the sectors of Western Al- Ingaz road which starts from Al Nuhood city in Kordufan to the city of Addryi in chad, in addition to a number of internal roads linking the cities of Darfur


the meeting had lasted for more than continuous 5 hours in which opportunities were given for most students who participated in the frank dialogue on Darfur issues raised by the students



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