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Government and UNAMID underlines their partnership to realize peace in Darfur
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Feb 9, 2011 - 6:36:08 AM

Government and UNAMID underlines their partnership to realize peace in Darfur


Al-Fashir, Feb. 8 (SUNA) - The government of Sudan and the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) have asserted consolidation of the their partnership in Darfur peace process on the field actions to secure the citizens, providing services and coordination of Darfurian-Darfurian dialogue to create conducive atmosphere for the citizens to talk about their issues


In a joint meeting held in Al-Fasher Tuesday on assessment of the UNAMID activities co-chaired by the Presidential Advisor and official of Darfur file, Dr. Ghazi Salahudin, and UNAMID Chief Prof. Ibrahim Gamabr, included the three Darfur states' Wali (Governor) and representatives of the national organs, ministries of defence, foreign affairs and humanitarian affairs, the two parties agreed upon holding a meeting lately and for longer time to discuss the security situations in Darfur and to deliberate on the existing issues and their challenges in order to come out with joint assessment for the security situations and to seek a joint solution and joint cooperation for the said issues


Presidential Advisor and official of Darfur file described the joint meeting as the first of this type and review the relation with the UNAMID focusing on what enshrined in the government Darfur peace strategy as the mission is the partner in the peace process particularly in the field actions pertinent to security of the citizens and provision of services as the UNAMID has been doing during the previous period


Dr. Salahuddin said that the meeting discussed frankly some drawbacks that may make each party to blame the other, but with the spirit of building on what is positive because the negative aspects are not many. He added that there are gross and quick evaluation of the elapsed period and there are agreement on bolstering the partnership between the government, UNAMID and the government of states to give concern to other fields not only that pertinent to the security such as extending of services and development, revealing that UNAMID is now starting work in some projects on water besides its openness towards development fields along the security sphare


The President Advisor and official of Darfur file affirmed that the meeting asserted importance of the meeting to be held in coordination with the governments of Darfur states to create favorable conditions to allow the citizens in accordance with the constitution to exercise their rights in expression


Prof. Gambari said that the meeting was fruitful and significance as it gave positive indicators for Darfur peace, explaining that the government emphasized facilitation of the UNAMID mission through removing of the restrictions limit its movement to ease its access to areas in which UNAMID provides services


He affirmed UNAMID readiness to cooperate with the government in all fields and to support the Darfurian-Darfurian dialogue, pointing out that the mission formed office of secretariat on dialogue from within



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