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Dr. Mandour AL-Mahdi Affirms Government Keenness to Carry out Comprehensive Dialogue
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Mar 22, 2011 - 6:38:14 AM

Dr. Mandour AL-Mahdi Affirms Government Keenness to Carry out Comprehensive Dialogue


Khartoum, March 21 (SUNA)- Deputy Chairman of the National Congress in Khartoum State, Dr. Mandour Al-Mahdi, said that the government will not allow any circle in North Sudan to carry out a hostile activity against the South


At a press conference he held Monday at the headquarters of the National Congress, Dr. Al-Mahdi affirmed the National Congress keenness that the relation between the North and the South as one which is characterized by security, stability and mutual respect


He said that South Sudan shall be more keen to protect the security and stability in the North and to refrain from supporting and hosting the armed Darfurian movements, hoping that this issue will be solved as soon as possible


Dr. Al-Mahdi said that the government is keen to engage in comprehensive dialogue that does not exclude any one, indicating that the dialogue will include more than 2000 political personalities, in addition to the university students and youths, adding that the dialogue will focus on the form of governance in Sudan, the Constitution and maintaining the Islamic Sharia


He referred to a dialogue taking place within the National Congress on assessment of the performance in the past period and presenting those who are better for the coming stage


Dr. Al-Mahdi referred to a dialogue also taking place on ways to enable the youths to participate in the power sharing and benefiting from the experiences of a number of countries in this connection


He stated that the state in its highest level is exerting considerable efforts for caring with the graduates and their employment



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