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Dr Kamal Obied: National Congress, SPLM have overcome most differences over disagreed issues
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Dec 2, 2010 - 7:14:14 AM

Dr Kamal Obied: National Congress, SPLM have overcome most differences over disagreed issues


Khartoum, Dec.1(SUNA)- Minister of Information , Dr Kamal Obied affirmed that the joint committees of the National Congress and Sudan People's Liberation Movement(SPLM) had overcome most of differences over disagreed issues pertinent to implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA)


He said what has been done does not suit remarks being given by some SPLM members to media, calling for differentiating between the running official work through committees and the political work which some are endeavoring to carry out with purpose of sending messages


"We have to focus on work in the coming period rather than attempting to send messages", the Minister said following the meeting of the National Congress' Leadership Office Wednesday evening at the Party's Head Office in Khartoum


Dr Obied expected that the South Sudan referendum will be the most important issue in the National Congress' Shura Council coming meeting set to be held Thursday


He hoped that the proposal on resolution of Abyei issue which was amended by the Presidency would be assented by the two partners. . In related issue, the Minister of Information downplayed abandonment of Abuja Peace Deal by some leaders of Sudan Liberation Movement-Menawi Faction and said the Movement's mainstay is still exist in Khartoum, unveiling that some arrangements within political or security framework will be mad in this regard during the coming stage


On impact of this step on peace process in Darfur, the Minister said peace in Darfur could not be made by the leaders who have been unable to reach agreement among themselves or exist among their citizens


" Now there is will for reaching a final solution to Darfur issue and that all regional and international forces are moving towards realizing peace in Darfur", Dr Obied asserted



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