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Disputed Abyei Area, population faces evacuation as SAF attacks
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Mar 4, 2011 - 8:20:39 AM

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Disputed Abyei Area, population faces evacuation as SAF attacks

Washington DC March 3, 2011: The population in Abyei is facing yet another massive military attack led by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF); Popular Defense Force; Messeriya under the command of the Military Intelligence and National Security. For the last four days, lives have been lost. In an organized attack from the North, North East and the North West of Abyei area, villages such as Totach and Maker were burned down forcing the population to desert their homes and run to Abyei Town. Further scares caused the population of women and children to move south towards River Kiir. This has resulted in a massive Humanitarian crisis in and around Abyei town.


These pre-planned attacks have displaced the population that recently moved back from the North to their homes in order to occupy Abyei Area before the next Presidency meeting this month on reaching a resolution for the region.

UNMIS in Abyei is quiet; while the civilian remain vulnerable as the Joint Integrated Unit (JIU) is taking side aggravating the situation.


The Government of Southern Sudan mission to the United States and United Nations calls upon the International Community to condemn this aggravation against the civilians and urge for immediate release of Humanitarian support to the region of Abyei. The Sudan President is to be pressured to reach a resolution and a political settlement before more lives are lost or before eruption of an un-controlled new conflict between the South and the North of Sudan.


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