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Children of Sudan sign on map of united Sudan, saying Yes for Unity No for separation
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Dec 17, 2010 - 7:13:00 AM

Children of Sudan sign on map of united Sudan, saying Yes for Unity No for separation


Khartoum, Dec. 16 (SUNA) - In a unique move, thousands of Sudanese Children have signed on Sudan map in support of the unity and peace and no for separation in the country, as they chanted slogans of "Yes for unity No for separation," and "Our strength rests on our unity," "our dignity is in our unity" and "No North without South and No South without North"


The Children further embarked on collection of signitures to support peace, a process that would cover all the Sudan aiming to collect two million signatures in support of peace and unity


This came in a conference organized by Sudan Al-Ghad Foundation Thursday at the National Museum of Sudan under the theme of: "We want to inherit one united Sudan," in presence of the Vice President of the National Commission for Support to Unity and the Referendum, Prof. Fatima Abdul-Mahmoud


Meanwhile, the final communiqué of the Children Conference affirmed its support to unity of Sudan and urged the peace partners and the International community to support the option of unity and to prevent the separation of Sudan in order to guarantee that the coming generations enjoy fraternity and peace


"We want to guarantee shelter, food and drinkable water to our brothers in south Sudan and we want them to study and play in schools," said the children in their recommendations







































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