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Challenging American Sudanese Community election
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Nov 25, 2010 - 8:49:14 AM

To:Michael N. Mauro

Secretary of State

321 E. 12th street

Des Moines, IA 50319


Subject:Challenging American Sudanese Community election

Held on October 31, 2010 in Iowa City, IA.

Dear: Mr. Mauro

                I’d like to contest the American Sudanese Community‘s election held on October 31, 2010 at Iowa City, IA. This election wasn’t fair, and the election committee did not follow the basic procedure for the election.

                As you know democracy is based on majority rule and the ability of people to govern themselves. In support of this underpinning of democracy there must be rules of procedure that are fair and equitable to all and to be simple and understood clearly.

There are four groups of Sudanese population who live now in Iowa City Iowa:

1-      Independent group 32% of the Sudanese population in Iowa city

2-      Mahas 30% of the Sudanese population  in Iowa City

3-      Republican brotherhood 31% of the Sudanese population in Iowa city

4-      Leftists 7% of the Sudanese population in Iowa City (minority).

The leftists & Republican brotherhood have common ground and they considered as one group.

On October 31, 2010 the American Sudanese community held election at Iowa City IA to elect 11 members to serve as an executive committee; the election process was wrong and it was unfair:

·          The election comity used a complicated method of election I haven’t seen it before in my entire live. The most frequently used methods of voting are by voice vote, by general consent, by raise hands by, standing vote by ballot or even by mail.

·         On this election I have noticed that every person has 11 votes rather than one person has one single vote .The candidates were 16 they are compete on 11 seats; the voters who were eligible to vote were 120 as was announced by the election committee.

·         There were no names or serial numbers on the ballots or all the ballots signed by the reporter of the election committee who her sister runs as candidate. 

·         Since the previous  president of the Sudanese Community refused to provide us with a copy of the regulation or the bylaw of the Sudanese Community in order to know how voting should be done  therefore, we couldn’t discuss and ask the majority members to make any change  and to make the election simple and fair to every member.   

·         The election committee did not give any chance or opportunity to the candidates within these four hours to talk about their programs for the next two years if they are being elected.

·         The process for this election began at 4:30pm and ended at 8:30pm.Some member of the election committee acted suspiciously by take some ballets on their hand and gave it to their relative to vote but not in front of the election committee.

·          The result  of this election was weird since every  voter has 11 votes :

99 for vote the first candidate and, 98, 83………………45votes for the last candidate, which total of 950 votes approximately .Other wise the result it should be for example 43votes, 39……..8 votes ..etc for the last candidate which the total would be 120 votes and that is the number of the voters who  were eligible to vote on this election. I believe the method which applied on this election was just a wasting of time and it is easy way to commit fraud and. My suggestion to the election committee was to make the election process simple: To put or to locate 16 plastic boxes, one box for each candidate, make serial numbers from 1 to 120, give every voter a number then let the voters vote for one candidate. The election comity should count the votes in front of everybody to see how much each candidate got inside each box. This process will take only 45 minutes only and every candidate will be satisfied with the result rather than the comity spends 4 hours casting the votes inside closed door acting suspiciously. The other suspicious behaviors there were two members of the election comity who are not belong to the leftists group these two members of the election committee located them or let them to on the blind spot so they can’t see what are some of the other members are cooking. The leftist s & Republican brotherhood continued to cook this election for the several years and by electing what whom they like.

·         I had not seen any registration forms before  the election day in order to know  how many people who have registered to vote on this election

·         The election comity claimed that the election process begin around 4:00pm until 4:15pm then to see the attendance if they are two-third of the majority. I noticed the election committee extended the check in until 7:30pm without any explanation from them and waiting for there supporters to show up rather than postpone the election and schedule it for another session. There was not enough majorities to make consideration at the designated time at 4:15pm.

·         About 80% of the election committee from the leftists group, some of there members who serving as a member of election committee casting the votes had their relatives on board who run as candidate and they are. There is a very good principle that any member should not vote on an issue in which he or she ( her or his immediate family or friend has a direct interest that might appear to be served by a particular action. 


·           Also the election committee refused to do their job under oath. The election comity and the pervious president refused to provide me the list of the voters in order to contact them before the Election Day. (Code of Iowa section 48A, 39).Because the previous president keeps all the Sudanese Community’s documents inside his house and we don’t have any assess to these documents. 


·         Also the previous president of the Sudanese community refused to provide me with the rule & regulation (constitution) in order to suggest some amendment.

·         The election process began while the general secretary of the previous comity Mr. Ali Omer was delivering his speech which interrupted by the voters who began to vote in the same time.

 The election committee should close the door at 4:15pm as they mentioned on their letter but they didn’t do that, they waited until 7:30pm for their supporters to come or to show up.

I moved to Iowa City with my family On June, 1997. I considered myself one of the founders of Sudanese Community in Iowa City. There was only one Sudanese family when I moved to Iowa City. I have a Bachelor degree in law and two legal assistant Associate degrees. I’d like to help my Sudanese community to enjoy and practice real American democracy not Sudanese fake democracy as it happen on our back home.  I am one of Mr. Barack Obama delegate in Iowa City and I participated on that election two years ago. I witnessed how the authority casted more than 15,000 votes manually within an hour in Iowa City.   

According to the above violations which I have mentioned I request the secretary of state to conduct an investigation on this matter and to cancel this election and to schedule another session and send one of your representatives to watch the next election. Also to ask the Sudanese Community to make a new, clean election soon, following the rule of procedures, to be simple election, fair election without cheating and equitable to all members. If the Secretary of State did not take action against these member they continue committing a fraud for the next election and the Sudanese Community don’t like them because they fail to do nothing to the community within the last ten years The previous General Secretary of the Sudanese Community admitted their frailer on his speech on the election day. Why this group failed for several years? Because they believed that the Sudanese Community is belong only to their spouse, their children and their friends. My belief all members of the Sudanese community have equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities. 



-          Johnson County Auditor and commissioner of Election.

-          Sudanese Election Comity


                                                                                Sincerely yours.

                                                  Adil D. Adams

2608 Bartelt rd apt # 2C

Iowa city, IA 52246

[email protected]

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