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Altamas for Peace and Development Association (APDA) brochure
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Oct 27, 2010 - 10:14:10 PM



Altamas for Peace and Development Association



Altamas is the area between south Kordofan and Northern Baher-algazal of Sudan. The civil war in south Sudan which lasted for twenty years has left negative effects in these areas, particularly social and economic issues. Thus, lots of efforts are needed to focus on peace and development, through promoting culture of peace and improving the quality of life. To achieve this goal, Altamas for Peace and Development Association was founded with mission and objectives below:-




Altamas for Peace and Development Association is a non profit association that started its operation in November 8, 2006 in Alberta, Canada. It is mission to bringing together tribes and communities in Altamas area, through mediation, peace building and development projects. It operates both locally ( Canada) and Overseas ( Sudan).





·        To improve the socio-economic conditions, and reduce poverty in Altamas area through micro projects.


  • To provide access to quality health, basic education and capacity building, by taking in accounts, Gender equality and environmental sustainability.


  • To encourages nomads to settle and create permanent residence by solving water problems through well projects.


  • To facilitate peaceful co-existence between the tribes lived in the region, by bringing them in joint community development projects.

  • To assist peace building and development process through coordination with local, national and international organization.


  • To provide community programs for its members in Canada, through events, seminars and workshop and particularly targets youth, Women and children’s


  • To initiated Public engagements and  sensitized them to support poverty eradication  in poor countries

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