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Ahmed Haroun welcomes partnership with SPLM- Nuba Sector, other parties
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Apr 6, 2011 - 7:20:26 AM

Ahmed Haroun welcomes partnership with SPLM- Nuba Sector, other parties

Khartoum, April 5 (SUNA) - The Candidate of the National Congress (NC) for the post of the Wali (Governor) of South Kordufan State, Ahmed Mohammed Haroun, welcomed partnership with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM- Sector of the Nuba Mountains) as well as the other political forces in the State in the coming period Speaking at a meeting organized Tuesday at the premises of the National Congress with the Editors in chief and columnists of newspapers and media men, Haroun affirmed the NC's keenness to maintain the (SPLM- Sector of the Nuba Mountains) as a quinine part of the political component of the State In this regard, Ahmed Haroun said the National Congress is very keen that the complementary elections in South Kordufan State be conducted in a fair and free way without exclusion of any one "This is why the NC was motivated to postpone the elections in the past period because opportunism is not our vocabulary and we are not after any political gains that lack the conditions of competition," said the NC's Candidate Ahmed Haroun He explained that any elections programme that is based on expressions of marginalization and injustice would deepen the sense of suppression, inadequacy and inferiority, saying that "the government's role is to weep the tears of people rather than tickling their feelings and pushing them to cry again" He affirmed that the NC's programme for the State of South Kordufan is to combat such expressions that some people are trying to deepen in the conscious of the people of the State, calling on the citizens to keep their heads up and never to allow any one to let them down Haroun further affirmed the keenness of the NC to maintain the stability of the security situations in the State as a well as boosting the stability by virtue of comprehensive social reconciliation in the State based on the values of tolerance and respecting the other opinion, saying that the state is multi-ethical which is perceived as positive factor rather than a factor of instability He further affirmed that application of Sharia is already settled because it asserts the rights of non-Muslims and pledges to create suitable mechanisms to guarantee these rights The Candidate further renewed support to the demand of the citizens of the Western part of the State in restoration of their former State of West Kordufan, saying that it has gone for the sake of peace and will return back with peace Haroun further enumerated the achievements of the National Congress in the last 20 years, focusing on oil, Roads, bridges and telecommunications networks and above all the independence of the political decision The Candidate of the National Congress further spoke about the services projects in the State, explaining that he will focus on Roads, Energy and Water projects in order to transfer the State's economy from a traditional one to a modern and developed Economy besides improving the atmospheres of education, health and social life as general Ahmed Haroun further reiterated that the NC is supporting the historic and genuine rights of Miseriya tribe in Abyei but at the same time extends a white hand to Dinka Ngok in order to preserve the long history of their good relations and intermingling in the area. MF/AS

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