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Abye Solidarity Campaign
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Mar 4, 2011 - 9:41:14 PM


Abye Solidarity Campaign


March 3, 2011

Dear all,


Please come out to support us tomorrow in front of the Sudanese Embassy located @ 2210 Mass Ave, Washington DC 20008  from 12 P.M.- 3 .P.M. to protest the killings of innocent civilians in Abyei by the NCP thugs and militias. The city of Abyei was attacked yesterday March 2, 2011 by Sudan arms forces SAF, more than 200 innocent civilian died mostly women and children, thousands more displaced.


The city of Makier 10 miles north of Abyei was reduced to ashes, women and children fled to City of Abyei for safety. The NCP denied responsibility and rather accused the SPLM of being behind the attack instead.


According to reports from Abyei UNMIS in Abyei is quiet; while the civilian remain vulnerable as the Joint Integrated Unit (JIU) is taking side aggravating the situation.


We are calling on Obama administration, United Nations, and the International Community to condemn this aggravation against the civilians and urge for immediate release of Humanitarian support to the region of Abyei. The Sudan regime is to be pressured to reach a resolution and a political settlement before more lives are lost or before eruption of an un-controlled new conflict between the South and the North of Sudan



Please come out tomorrow and support us. Your help and support is highly appreciated.

Note: don't forget to bring your signs, banners, and flags.





Abyei Solidarity Campaign


For more info please call:

or email: [email protected]


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