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A Sudanese refugees is being deported to his country from Cairo; organizations to stand with him
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Jan 11, 2011 - 5:44:33 PM

A Sudanese refugees   is being deported to his country from Cairo; organizations to stand with him

the Sudanese refugees  Faisal Haroun has  been transferred to  ALKHALIFA  preparation prison    for the preliminary deported  forcibly  to Sudan.

,Mr. Faisla  who is in the  prison without trial with 11 other Sudanese refugees  for  year     in AlQANATER prison north of Cairo; 

The press  monitoring sources  in Sudan Center  Confirmed information about the configuration of the forced deportation with coordination between the Egyptian and Sudanese governments before two days.

Mr.  Haroun    Egyptian authorities transform him from the ALQANATER prison on 10 January   2011    to the  ALMUGAMA in Liberation Square and transfer directly to the prison ALKHALIFA in ALSYEDA  Zeinab district ,did not inform his family about his situation.

Mr. Haroun,  with  28 Refugees   were arrested and  in Cairo  behind flimsy charges and arrests in a crackdown launched by security authorities in January last year. And all were subjected to torture  in the centers of the security ,  at least one of them was died   ;  that before bring them  to a military court  watch acquitted12 of them; but the authorities  put who were acquitted in detention vaults to jail indefinitely and without judicial justification. 

  their presence in prison without legal justification or court order; and without the knowing of  their families their situation or allow them to appoint a lawyers  for them that is a gross violation of their human rights as well as a violation  from the host country  to  their rights as refugees.  Also  their  deported to their country is a flagrant violation of international conventions judge for refugees protection , they were fleeing from persecution and injustice which they were exposed in  their country, especially whom were coming from the war zones  in Darfur , as a case of  Haroun  and his friends in  detainees Abu al-Qasim Ibrahim , Adam Khalil  ,David, Muhammad Hassan and  others

 the UNHCR has full responsibility to protect  Mr.  Haroun and work to prevent his deportation, he or any one of the remaining refugees prisoners; and that  for the risk of being subjected to persecution and repression in the case of handed them over to the government of their country , which is famous  of a serious Violation against human rights.

UNHCR has not commented on the situation of Mr. Haroun ,also did not  clarify whether there others  detainees also in the case of prepare  to deportation 
It has become very urgent to to all organizations , the human rights Activities and humanitarian concern  of refugees  to work to release of prisoners , ensure their freedom and not be deported to their country.

    Sudan ContemporaryCenter
Monitoring Press Section
12 Janoer 2011 P

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