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With Bleeding Heart Abdel Wahab Bob, the Lawyer by Professor Dr. Issam A.W. Mohamed
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Oct 24, 2010 - 10:33:58 AM

With Bleeding Heart

Abdel Wahab Bob, the Lawyer

I follow up the current news from my bed watching the TV and talking to my family.

It is sorrowful situation that I watch my country, for which we the old generation fought and bled, imprisoned and shed tears going apart and divided by its own sons.

In my early practice after graduation, I was honored to be partner with honorary Abel Aler, had best relations with all politicians from the south and exchanged many good opinions. In the fifties, sixties we stood together to fight tyranny. Sudan was a promising country for all Sudanese.

In my views, they were always the incentives of freedom and justice that gave motive for man to sacrifice for his country.

After the great movement of April 1985, I was one of a committee to draw the new constitution. What I wrote at it was that should depend on secularism to satisfy the needs of all Sudanese. With my current feeble memory, I remember that all the newspapers attacked me as a secularist, pagan that should be prosecuted.

That they almost did.

They could not understand that my suggestion was an attempt to normalize the relations between all Sudanese in the big nation of Sudan and avoid the volcano that was erupting.  The Popular Movement in the South was waiting for a positive sign to come in accord with the North.

We never gave it to them.

In the 1990's I was invited to meeting at the University of Khartoum.

There were many adversary shouts but I remember that I called the SPLA a revolutionary movement even though people were afraid of the aggressiveness of the regime. That is what it was and that what it proved to be.

I remember a police officer from the south who was pursued at a certain time. He came to my house and told me how was he worried because the authorities looked for him. He stayed with me at my house and we talked.

There are many grievances implanted within the hearts and minds of people from the south. It is difficult to ask them not to separate.

So with heavy and sad heart I cannot say but let them go peacefully, do not wage war and let words replace bullets.

No more blood and destruction.

We have already done a lot of damage.

Professor Dr. Issam A.W. Mohamed, +249122548254. Khartoum, Sudan

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