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Where is Darfur in UN Millennium Goals? By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul
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Sep 26, 2010 - 9:39:14 AM

Where is Darfur in         UN Millennium Goals?

By Izzadine Abdul Rasoul

After the massacre in Tebara in North Darfur where 74 innocent civilians were brutally killed in the market; the National Congress Party continues its genocide on African tribes in Darfur in a cloak of  new plan called the internal peace. The National Congress Party in order to legalize the killing of innocent civilians in Darfur, invited the UN/AU and Arab League to attend the conference that concerned Sudan government new killing plan in Darfur. After the meeting the North Darfur Governor Abdul Hameed Musa Kasha immediately appeared on Niyala TV and announced that the Sudan Government new Plan is approved by UN/AU forces claiming, that they are genuine partners on the plan. He added that UN/AU forces have been cooperating with the government of Sudan to keep peace in Darfur since the deployment of UNAMID forces on the ground. The objective behind such move;  Kasha was sending a message to Kalma IDPs camp resident and other IDPs camps, that the International Community is working side by side with the government of Sudan on its plans new over Darfur.

One of the IDPs called me, asking what happen to the International Community. He asked; ďDid they listen to the threat of US Special Envoy to Sudan Gration to us in his a meeting with in our camps, when he said that  if we donít participate on Doha talks the International community will no more feed you?íĒ.  When Tebera massacre happened and we went to UNAMID Headquarters in Tawila asking for help to evacuate our injured families the officer on duty told us that they are waiting approval from the genocide government; we immediately came to conclusion that we are no more in the focus of the International Community; he concluded. Itís the sources from the IDPs camp who told me yesterday that report that the Government of Sudan has started implementing Darfur new peace plan by confiscating UNICEF medicine three trucks that were heading for Jebal Marra up to today. Also a  woman from Kalma IDPs camp told me that that the government of Sudan started reregistering the IDPs. She said that those IDPs who are reported against the plan, their names were omitted intentionally.    

The eerie silent of the International community on the latest killings that took place in Tebara, Kalma IDPs camp in Niyala, Hamidiya IDPs camp and Khamsa Dagaig IDPs camp in Zalingi where 90 innocent civilians lost their live and hundreds injured in less than two months; the National Congress party was emboldened then increased its killing plans and activities in Darfur. The Islamists in Sudan taught the Sudanese one thing, that if they have any destructive plan, they must test water first if there no reaction, then they plunge head long on that plan.

The silence of International Community over the expulsion of the international NGOs in Darfur without any reaction from the UN and other International bodies, was as a great incentive and go ahead for the Islamist in Khartoum to continue their atrocities in Darfur.

On April 2010 on Sudan tribune on my opinion I mentioned that the US plan to put Darfur on fridge at Doha without real security on the ground in Darfur, so as to prepare for the referendum was a big mistake. I further said that he softening position of Obama Administration over Sudan is worsening the situation rather than inspiring for better. In Sudan we know the National Congress Party very well. They can sign any agreement as long as it will give them a chance to think how to disrespect it. The 20 times trips of Scot Gration ended up from where he started. The Islamist disrespect to keep his promises and the man was forced to threaten his friend to roll up his sleeves, when itís too late for such threats. Therefore; I urge the world heads of Nations who assemble for the UN summit in America to remember Darfur, as well as South Sudan, and include them on their millennium goals for peace and stability, by showing red eyes for the regime in Khartoum.

On 22nd of Sep 2010 National Congress Party owned newspaper Al-Tayar published news that the General Secretary of Messeriya Tribe Union Musa Hamadai threatened that; his tribe will wage war against the government of South Sudan, if his tribe members are excluded from the referendum process in Abeyei.  The statement further said that the voting on the fate of Abeyei area is a basic right for Messeriya tribe members.  The statement refuted the ruling of International Justice Court in Hague.

Such intimidation in Sudan is immediately interpreted that itís directly coming  from National Congress Party, but they used the Messeriya Arab tribe mouth to release it. The Islamists in Sudan are well known to fight proxy wars by using alliance tribes in the South of Sudan and Darfur.

To give more understanding for the International Community who are assembling in USA on these day;  on 23rd of Sep 2010 President of South Sudan Salva Kiir in a press conference in Washington said that, the Sudan Government news peace plan in Darfur will not avail, because it did not address the rote causes of the conflict. There is no security on the ground how can they bring the peace for Darfur; he asked. The new plan is very old and nothing new in it; he concluded. Kiir Statement is in concordance with the position of the Chairman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army Abdel Wahid Mohamed Ahmed Nur who kept on calling; ďThe security on the ground first; and then other steps for peace negotiations to followĒ. Unfortunately no one listened to him until he was named Dr. No.

 Itís very heartbreaking that the International Community were not able to realize the important of the security on the ground only after President Salva Kiir confirm it yesterday in Washington. I hope the US Special Envoy General Gartion listened to this remarks to realize that he was wrong on his approach regarding Islamists in Khartoum. He was also blind to know that all Sudan problems are linked to each other. The late Dr. Garang one day said that the different between SPLM/A and SLM/A is just a letter ďPĒ; which means that,  Darfur problems and South Sudan are linked together one cannot easily separate them. These two places are both marginalized and are killed because they are Africans not Arabs.               

Meanwhile the International Community shifted the attention from Darfur to South Sudan referendum, but insecurity and killings of innocent people continued both in Darfur and South Sudan as well. The National Congress Party members who came on power by plots are good experts on dividing people.  Therefore; reading the situation in Sudan very closely; I personally agree with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who has called Sudan a "ticking time bomb".

On South Sudan level the voter registration has not started and may now not be ready on time and also there is no clear demarcation of South and North Sudan. On the other hand the new peace plan of the government of Sudan on Darfur which included the removal of the IDPS camps to new model villages will also create unrest in Darfur. Yes indeed, itís a ticking time bomb for those who knows Sudan very well. 

On the sidelines of the UN summit this week Suzan Rice said Obama will reinforce both incentives and penalties for both sides in order to encourage them to act in good faith.

"We want to make the upside opportunity clear and well understood. At the same time, we've also been clear that if they fail to follow through, that there will be -- as we have always said in the context of our policy -- consequences," she said. "Those might take the form of unilateral and/or multilateral, and we've got a number that are potentially at our disposal."

As I always support the position of Rice on Sudan; however; I would say that US Administration has given too much cookies for Khartoum.  So I think, itís a time for America and its allies to provide laxatives for Khartoum to bulk their stool of too much cookies. If these guys remain in power Sudan and the entire region will never ever see peace again, because the Islamist in Sudan with oil money were able to put their feet everywhere in horn of Africa. I hope the International community to realize the danger and take the right train toward Sudan.

It has been said ďIf you take a wrong train; any station you come down itís a wrong station.     


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