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What South does the North Sudan Want to keep the unity with? BY Garangdit Tong Ngor Mawien -Brisbane-Australia
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Sep 25, 2010 - 9:30:21 AM

What South does the North Sudan Want to keep the unity with? 


Unity is a strong weapon around which the nation of one state should have to be tied together in order to enable them to strongly and wisely face the foreign challenges. However, when the power of unity is misused and turns negatively to be a deadly weapon targeting the part of weak innocence people of the same state, to be eliminated in life in a picture that similar to nothing but genocide, therefore, those who have been experiencing that difference types of suffering will easily walk away from that ill unity, especially if they find the chance like that of upcoming referendum. In addition, those Southerners who have survived that random killing of citizens and uncountable numerous of raping are still living in shock because of the unforgettable horrible scenes of deaths they have witnessed during the war time. To treat those people from that permanent shock, people should not hurt their feelings and talk about unity, there is no going to be a unity, unless the enemy think that they were killing rats in south.

Even though, there is no study in the ground that has been done to suggest whether the unity is going to work this time or not, the majority population of South Sudan people seem to look most likely to be going to the opposite direction side of unity. The irresponsible bitterly deadly actions that were been conducted by the Khartoum’s Governments in decades against the people of South, had became the old lock that had lost its keys from very long time ago, that will make it harder to be reopened for unity.  No one is quite sure whether the northerners are really looking to keep unity with southern Sudan unless if there is another south they are after that they have not mentioned.

There might be the good reasons for the southerners why they are going to run away from unity, if you, the reader help to answer these following questions:

1-    Does the North have a single good reason why he desperately wants to be in unity with the infidels’ people of south?.

2-    In 1960s, when the government of north setup its hideous plan to kill the south intellectuals in the big towns of South Sudan during Abud era, was not that the north politicians who have said: “kill all the South intellectuals, so that their illiterates will be scared and there will be no minds to think of coordinating another movement.”

3-     Why did the soldiers who have killed the leader William Deng Nhial, celebrated their victim at Wau Bridge after their arrival from Tonj be excitedly firing bullets to the air without that incident being investigated by the north authorities?.

4-    Did the current government of north gave up its major policy plan program of making South Sudan a big fertile land without people, for them to plant their crops to feed the nations of the world, and came back once again seeking for another cheating unity?.

5-    Did the government of the North had the medication that will heal the bitter wounds left in the hearts of the Southern people that were caused by their madness action to keep the unity alive?

It is once of idiotic features to fight a war without any prior calculation of the consequences and the impacts about how it will be looked like if the outcome of the war turns against your wills. Apparently, it is even more disastrous to launch the Jihad War against people in the ground that they have in their land things they do not deserve to have. Wars are fought to be won or lost. Unfortunately, it will be a useless disappointment if you ended up empty handed from the war you have created in order to have it all. The war that was fought between the two poles of the Sudan map was the war of conquering the land of South from its people. But what the aggressors people do not know, it is one thing to conquer land. It is another thing to stay there and, try to force feed your ideas to apart of people who have its own traditions. Southerners are not and will not be the kind of people who could easily give up their own to any kind of enemy. The Khartoum’s Government have already done great damages to the South people; thousands of lost Boys, still do not have contact with their parents till today, as a result of the war.

It had became obvious  that the southerner are going to run away from the unity of nightmare, the unity in which the equality of citizens, the future of nation, the clear fair laws for all Sudanese citizens and even keeping the Sudan map as it was left by British in 1956, all these are not of northern governments concerns. Moreover, uncountable lots of things that were important for the citizens to make them at less have a feeling that they belongs to their country were selfishness misplaced. If there is anything that could make the south citizen to have a little feeling of belonging to the Sudan, it is an easy getting Sudanese nationality, but that is not for all of .them, it is only for those who have marks on their heads people like Dinka, shoulk, and Nuer for others who don’t have marks on their heads the interpreters are required. The one of the ugliest scene that will forget you the whim of belonging to Sudan, is when you are at visit to any Government Departments in Khartoum, you will quickly find out that you are a complete stranger in their offices, and you will be surprised by the fact of rarely finding the race of your kind.

The people of south are confused of the northern politicians’ actions, sometimes those hypocrites are calling southerners their brothers, and when you follow the path of the brotherhood you will be caught unprepared by them, (the predators) hiding in the bushes waiting for their perfect time to catch their preys. The unity that the north is asking south to be saved is not the unity by its real meaning, but the unity that will give them a plenty of time to reschedule their plans, because the previous ones have been shrouded by a lots of stupid mistakes, and To fulfil this mission, it is a useful idea to cheat south to accept unity for another calm time to come and then turn them down.  Southerners of today are more confidence then they have been before, because they got in their pockets the information about lessons they have learned from their enemy since Juba conference in 1947, which made the camp of chameleons badly wobbling, especially, at this disturbing short time to referendum. To maintain this camp, looks to be pretty impossible. The proverb that says: “do not attempt to be avaricious or greedy to have everything, in order not to lose it all” was not said from nothing.




 Garangdit Tong Ngor Mawien  - Brisbane- Australia.












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