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Watch out for Khalifa Al Thani Islamic Global Caliphate By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter
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Mar 6, 2011 - 7:50:31 AM


Watch out for Khalifa Al Thani Islamic Global Caliphate

By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter

Khartoum, Sudan


How should the world respond to the crisis in Libya and the rest of the Arab world?

Qatar did not exploit the unrest; they made it.


Constitutional coup d’états on the model of Hamas of Gaza; and the less-legal of Inqaz in Sudan and Shabab in Somalia are the initial steps for establishing an international Arab-Sunni-theocratic empire in the World similar to the failed Ottoman Empire (1299–1923).


The tools of the Qatari monarchy are: 1- Petro-dollars; 2- Media; 3- Organizations; and 4- Arms. The immediate processes of this scheme are: First: Empowering Muslim Brothers parties; Second: Topple Arab; African and Asian regimes that are: A- Autocratic allies to the West; B- Anti-Islamists; C- Secularists; and D- Nationalists. Targeting these corrupt regimes is very clear in the machinations of Al-Jazeera; the press; aid policy and voluntary organizations. The third process is to take over power democratically then replace democracy with Islamic laws gradually. The purpose of toppling corrupt and autocratic heads and their profiteers is only to establish transitional and temporary democracy.


Other challengers to the Arab-Sunni-theocratic Empire of Al Thani Islamic Global Caliphate are: 1- Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) of Turkey; and 2- The Assembly of Experts of Iran. While the Pakistani al-Qaeda is of much similar objectives and links with the Islamic Global Caliphate plan despite the apparent difference in tactics. This al-Qaeda is most probably the extreme military wing of the Islamic Global Caliphate scheme.


The alternative to Islamic Global Caliphate is healthy government systems in the Middle East. This requires active supports for existing and emerging initiatives of: 1- Democracy; 2- Secularism; and 3- Nationalism. Otherwise, failures in these fields will create more breeding grounds for hostile and authoritarian religious politics.


The World must fight Muslim Brotherhood by all means.

Hitler is much kinder than Muslim Brothers parties. This is not a defense for Qaddafi who is in power for too long, but those Islamists plotting from the Gulf through to Pakistan have satanic plans for the World. It is not a coincidence that the regimes who are against Islamists are targeted. Old regimes of Bahrain; Egypt; Jordan; Libya; Algeria; Mauritania; Tunisia and Yemen deserve no sympathy but definitely they deserve praise to curb Muslim Brothers parties in their territories. The next chain will be the heavy weight countries of Asia.

Muslim Brothers parties anywhere must be dismantled and Islam must be reformed.


Someone wrote:


Will Qatar Impose the Islamic Law (Shareeah) in 2015...???

As we are Muslims we know that the whole muslim world will be ruled under one khalifa before the day of Judgement... (The Final day) Will Qatar Rule the whole Muslim World in 2050 Under One Khalifa...??? Under One Khilafath...I Personally feel that Qatar is planing something Grand and best for the Whole Muslim Ummath...Because Unlike the other Countries around, they strike a well balanced growth in all aspects like Both the Educations, Economy, Military, Spiritual, and Meadiating in Peace for the whole Arab Nations and Beyond...To Be very open its not my dream or anything, I can feel their correct attitudes towards the Victory by Establishing the Dheen ( Ikhamudheen ) of our Creator...La Hawla Wala Kuwwatha Illa Billah... Allahu Akbar...] (END).   

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