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The snake doesn't strike twice from the same hole!! By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)
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Feb 17, 2011 - 10:56:58 AM


The snake doesn't strike twice from the same hole!!


By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)


“The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity!
Don't drown the man who taught you to swim”. Ustaz Daniel Nyang Towul.


An elderly invigorated American friend has asked me about the secret behind the overwhelming victory for the independence of South Sudan in the referendum, which took place on the historical day of January the 9th, 2011.


The question was rather direct and quick, which made me to think for a second. Then, with optimism, I was puffed with pride and self-adulation of this historical achievement. And I promptly answered that: unity, dedication and certainly the commitment of the people of South Sudan (who have suffered for more than half a century long and counting) were all behind the outcome of the referendum.


But just only a few minutes from my conversations with the friend, unexpectedly, I received a telephone call from a family member back home in Malakal with unpleasant news about the massacre that occurred in Fangak ( Pam Al Zaraf) in Jonglie state, caused by former SPLA deputy chief of staff and the renegade general, George Athor Deng, who was just  pardoned and granted an amnesty by Chairman of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement ( SPLM) and President of the Government of South Sudan ( Goss), First Lt. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, in the aftermath of the attack he launched a few months earlier on the SPLA garrisons in Kurfolus and surrounding areas.


 As you would expect, I was completely stunned by the news, and my first reaction was obvious, criminal justice system questions: (who, what, where, when, why, how, and the disposition). Who is behind fugitive general Athor, what is the motive, where is this incident occurred, why and how it’s happened and the decision that was taken by the authorities, if any?


Evidently, this was not the first time that the former general Athor murdered innocent people, and if am not wrong, the latest was the third time this traitor, Athor's attacked the same community since his first horrific, barbaric and bazaar murderer of innocent civilians by burning them alive and firing on those who ever dared to escape from the burning (luaks) and huts. The second of such attacks (as many of you may recall) occurred after he was badly defeated in Jonglie gubernatorial elections by Cde Kowl Manyang Juuk. After that he fled to Khartoum leaving behind his casualties and their families in the cold!


It's worth noting here that the former general George Athor, with only a few loyalists, didn’t carry this attack by themselves. All indications from our reliable sources suggest that, in fact, there are some community members from Fangak, who have their own agendas, and without any doubt they have collaborated with the renegade, and their mission was assassination attempts on some leaders and political figure, and to disrupt the current peaceful discourse.


While the nation is heading towards the end of the brightest tunnel, and assuring the world that South Sudanese are surly peace-loving people, who are capable of tackling their own differences without initiating any, killing between them. But unfortunately, the old master still is using its old techniques, which I am certain that is not going work this time, because our unity is stronger than ever before.


Thus, I would like to seize this opportunity to express my condolences to the victims and their families, for the savage lost of their loved ones during this senseless tragedy. We hope and pray that the culprits will soon be brought to face justice and pay for their hyena crimes against humanity.


Finally, from this juncture, the message that we would like to send to Athor and his likes here is that: stop implementing the agenda of (Jallaba). Instead, we should all put our hands together to build our nation. But no! However, the traitor, Athor should know that his wrongdoings will always follow him and his blind followers, for they have decided to be in the wrong side of the history, and they also remember the old phrase: “Whoever digs a hole for a brother, will fall in it." 


South Sudanwill soon be free of this Athor – let's pack of jackals.


South Sudanwill prevail.





The author is southern Sudanese citizen, living in Phoenix, AZ.  USA, and can be reached at [email protected]. Or [email protected]


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