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The NCP “New” Strategy for Darfur is Corrupt Merchandise being marketed to its Genocide Victims By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman
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Sep 28, 2010 - 7:40:19 AM

The NCP “New” Strategy for Darfur is Corrupt Merchandise being marketed to its Genocide Victims 


By Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman


The media circulated the news that the National Congress Party (NCP) Cabinet chaired by President Bashir in Khartoum has passed a New Strategy for resolving the 7-year Darfur conflict through shifting the plans toward addressing the needs of the people in Darfur. To implement its strategy, the NCP regime in Khartoum would allow the peace talks in Doha, Qatar, to continue, but they will no longer be the centre of Khartoum’s approach. Furthermore, the regime will establish a Darfur Consultative Forum to consult with representatives of nonviolent groups focusing on five main elements: security, development, resettlement, reconciliation, and negotiations. The strategy stated that the opportunities for Darfur peace are not dependant on negotiations, but include the concerns of the Darfur community. It has also been reported that Dr. Ghazi Salah El Din, the presidential advisor in charge of the Darfur portfolio, said that the new strategy supports voluntary repatriation of the internally displaced people (IDPs) to their home areas and their re-integration into economic life.  He also said the strategy aims for partnership with the African Union-United Nations peacekeepers (UNAMID), and with the African Union High Level Panel (AUPD) which has made its own recommendations about Darfur.Mbeki was reported to have voiced “strong support” for the new strategy. Whereas the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) has been reported to have categorically rejected the new strategy for Darfur. Radio Dabanga quoted Dr. Keji Roman, the spokesman for SPLM Northern Sector, as speaking about the strategy at a joint news conference with the SPLM leaders in the three Darfur states, who were visiting the headquarters of the movement in Khartoum, and saying that the new strategy belongs solely to the National Congress Party (NCP), which is attempting to take the initiative in resolving the issue away from the armed movements, the national political forces and the civil society in Darfur. Moreover, Dr. Keji was reported that he reiterated the fact  that the solutions recommended by the National Congress Party (NCP) in the new strategy are very far from resolving the case.

Observers wondered whether the new strategy for Darfur peace is a strategic plan or a tactical plot of a cunning old fox to breed sedition among the citizens of the region. Many political analysts strongly believe that this ‘New’ strategy is only a repetition of a similar scenario  that the Government of the National Islamic Front (NIF) outlined in the Nineties of the last century to attract the satisfaction of the people of South Sudan when Dr. Riek Machar signed the Khartoum Peace Agreement in 1997, forcing the National Islamic Front
 to adopt a democratic constitution. The agreement was a "soft landing" for Dr. Machar and his team who decided to join the Islamists in Khartoum. After the signing, Machar was the leader of South Sudan Defence Forces  (SSDF, the newly re-named SSIM) (1997–2002)
The Khartoum Peace Agreement offered the South self-determinationon paper and made Machar the Assistant to the President of the Republic of the Sudan and the President of the Southern Sudan Coordinating Council Nevertheless, the end result was a miserable failure making Dr. Machar and his team rejoin the main stream, the New Sudan SPLM/A led by the late Dr. John Garang Mabior.


Self-determination is the free choice of one’s own acts without external compulsion. In politics it is seen as the freedom of the people of a given territory or national grouping to determine their own political status and how they will be governed without undue influence from any other country...














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