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The Arab League of Shopkeepers! By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter
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Mar 13, 2011 - 8:45:39 PM

The Arab League of Shopkeepers!

By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter

Khartoum, Sudan; Tel.: 002499636990


Those in Arab countries who are called heads of states; presidents; kings; Emirs; Sultans; or whatever really cannot realize international or internal politics. What a pity bunch! They instructed their ministers to call for a No-fly Zone over Libya; some following instructions from the West; while the rest are pleading to the West to save Islamist rebels and militants from Qaddafi’s forces.


Until now they cannot understand why the West (EU; NATO; and USA) did not use force against Qaddafi!  They are confused about the West and the UN dragging their feet and gaining time to act decisively. Despite of their blindness, they claim that this is a civilian uprising; and innocent civilians are under brutal attacks. Surely, many of them fear and abhor Qaddafi and this is their plot to get rid of him.


For the West, and for many liberals, this is a very good chance to get rid of both; Qaddafi and the Islamists. The West will act only after the superior fire power and forces numbers of Qaddafi crush the Islamist rebels. After that, a truly democratic regime will be crafted by the Libyans with international support. No thanks; and the Arab so-called leaders and the Islamists will be trashed after showing their true color to their people; to Qaddafi; and to the World. They are not up to their seats at all. What a waste of resources!

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