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The 2011 Gestapo and “Abu-Shanab” by Hatim.Elmadani
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Jan 3, 2011 - 10:52:12 AM

The 2011 Gestapo and “Abu-Shanab”



 While the recent of Bashir thugs on going humiliations of the Sudanese countrywoman is the  beating up of  Dr.Mariam Al-Mahdi the daughter of the former Sudanese Prime Minister Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi where she was battered for no perceivable justifications by Bashir evildoers on her way with some followers from the Party H.Q. offices to the Mahdi Mosque,as they do for the last hundred years unless this police are not Sudanese to know this, to claim it was illegal assembling, where she is now being treated for broken arms and wound in Jordan Thanks to the Jordanian King Abdullah II who is  picking the tab for the medical treatment of Dr. Mariam Al-Mahdi,

But I prefer here to address the humiliations of other subordinated that monopolize no cry

    First tolerate me here to rationalize, that A moustache in our society and some part of the country symbolizes warriors, honour, intrepidity and dignity, where its common to hear Sudanese men calling each other proudly “Abu-Shanab” dubbing a man with a proud moustache.

Bearing that in mind, I have endured ambience of disgust reading a deliberately partitioned away small local report adjunct to what not considered main news bulletin , on the pages of Sudan daily was about the inhabitant of small village called Alalujab north of the capital Khartoum where they woke up one dawn by the rampages of bulldozers flattening their houses no forewarning whatsoever, as well as finding themselves surrounded by thronging police battalion in combat gear, when its villagers tried to grievance they were whipped and beaten up, reportedly after shooting at some of them, then the police in Nazi thuggish Fascist method rounded a numbers of the men where they were denigrated on the spot before their families and clans, forcefully shaving some of them moustaches in an attempt to dishearten the rest.

the report did not go far by the pro-government newspaper but gave ample evidence they are innocent and are victims of the regime land grabbing Mafia, the newspaper tried shamefully without following the villagers account or complaint to the authority or naming those responsible in details, but went to assure the readers that the head of the police promise to investigate.

For many reasons hence this crime goes far than Police Brutality or the use of excessive force but planned humiliation, not just because its not known through the history of this part of the country or these are just a punch of undisciplined thugs within the police force.

But clearly from the sudden disproportionate increases of untold despicable hyenas crimes by the police, i.e. beating women, stripping them naked in custody and video tape them in such pervert way but authoritatively and clearly aware they are immune, dumping opposition tortured bodies by the road, raiding girls boarding schools at night times..etc just within the last tow years, the sort of crimes that not commonly known in these part before and the generalization of its characteristics by the public here is that the majority of these forces are from Darfur somehow its true, but the fact are, Its more than that, where after the ICC indictment and Khartoum became aware of the International on going investigations to find the perpetrators and the militia’s used by the government in atrocities all over the country the government secretly rushed to enroll a very large numbers of these groups mostly are easily could be tracked linked to the infamous Janjaweed and the die hard Jihadis members from the PDF in its police forces and with no training dispersed them in squads to different part of the country far from Darfur where they will not be easily identified by their victims or tracked, also this partly because they are considered loyal and on the other hands it can maintain its lies to the international community that they don't exist fulfilling the promise to protect them and to hide their way about, although its an open secret, but the regime too are aware they might need them to be deployed again If they are cornered.

I cannot imagine what it feel for a man there to have forcefully his moustache's shaved but repeating here some local from that area who said:"This act in our community its like being (Raped) before your people eyes”, and yes that what must have felt by those poor men.


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