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Southern Sudan has Separated, Darfur will be next by Namaa AL- Mahdi (Miss)
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Jan 27, 2011 - 6:27:16 AM

Southern Sudan has Separated, Darfur will be next

Lawrence of Arabia said:
“The Arab revolt was beneficial to us, because it marches with our immediate aims, the break up of the Islamic "bloc" and the defeat and disruption of the Ottoman Empire, and because the states ( Sharif Hussein) would ....set up to succeed the. Turks would be...harmless to ourselves.....the Arabs are even less stable than the Turks. If properly handled they would remain in a state of political mosaic, a tissue of small jealous principalities, incapable of cohesion"

Two issues are clearly stirring the Western boats on the international sees today, the exponential economic growth of both India and China and the potential threat of Nuclear proliferation in their Islamic foe Iran, Sudan both North and South happens to be at the heart of both issues.

Fuelling the economic growth of both India and China is the Sudan’s Oil, the two countries are the biggest importers of the country’s product,

From the Sudan Tribune:

“China controls 40 percent of the oil development activity in the Sudan while Malaysia and India each have 30 and 25 percent stakes respectively in the oil industry.[1]

India has kept its head down so far, has not openly antagonized the Capitalist West or threaten its economy, its close proximity to the threat of radical Islamist in its own land and in Pakistan, makes it in need of Western collaboration, security and military intelligence. India is dominated by its multi-national corporations, the capitalist animal will work to make sure that India stays and remains an ally to countries of Western Capitalist hemisphere.

China on the other hand, has had a history of antagonism with the West; a catalogue of international news reports provides a great deal of evidence on the continuing antagonism between the two sides. On an analysis report in 2002, it was highlighted that – for the USA to secure its boarders, it would require a greater control of the Pacific Ocean, in addition to the USA military base in Japan, it requires more control over China,   the USA which was shaken by the surprise attack of Japanese forces in Pearl Harbour 1941 is working to ensure that this kind of attack is never repeated. China with its communist government, does not only pose a military threat to the USA, but an economic threat as well.

From the Washington Post

“Majors General Zhu Chenghu and Luo Yuan and Colonel Ke Chungqio of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army were quoted in an official Chinese publication calling for the Chinese government to retaliate against the United States economically for the recent decision to sell $6.4 billion of arms to Taiwan. China has already announced unspecified sanctions against U.S. companies that participate in the sale”[2]

The report continued to state: “China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world; its exponential growth is only limited by its lack of access to energy and power"

Today, and for the past ten years, China has been working to address its need for energy and power by investing in Africa, with a particular focus on Oil rich Sudan and Congo.

Today the Sudan has separated, (North and South) although I fully support the decision of the people of Southern Sudan, I pose the question, if separation was our final destination- what was the 22 year war all about?? Didn’t Colonel Jaffar Nimeri offer the current State of Southern Sudan, with its current boarders to Dr John Garang in 1983?? This offer which was refused by the late Rebel Leader, who continued to fight and to hold out for the whole of the Sudan.

Many in the South say that they want separation, because the Northern Arabs are racist and have never accepted them as equals.  Racism is a pitiful trait, in any person, in any form, in any action, but the Northern Arabs were racist 5 years ago when the South signed the CPA with them, and are just as racist today, nothing has changed, no one expects to change decades of racism in 5 years, it is a problem that requires time, it can be addressed,  it can be challenged, and it can be  changed- but not in 5 years. The case of the USA is evidence to that, the country which was racially hyper-segregated in 1960 has today, and in less than 50 years- elected an African American President.  

What was it that made unity unappealing to the peoples of the Southern Sudan and what made separation an attractive choice.

According to numerous accounts from The Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement, the National Congress Party’s has continuously showed complete lack of cooperation, antagonism and was involved in many conspiracies to cause harm to the to the SPLM and Southern Sudan, many times Mr Kirr has said that if the National Congress Party continues to do what it is doing, they will eventually lead us to favour separation of Southern Sudan.

In retrospect, it seems that the NCP has worked very hard to make Unity unattractive to the Southern Sudanese, it also seems that USA has played a great role in this separation.  It is no secret that the USA has continuously and publically supported the longevity of the current government of Sudan in Khartoum, and by stating in many words to many Sudanese that it is supporting the “stability” of the country, it also seems obvious that the USA in prolonging the life of the NCP, knew that the NCP in power would lead Southern Sudan to separate.

No one can blame the USA for working to support its short and long term interests in Africa, The USA has shown itself to the one of the SPLM strongest allies, with it, the SPLM are equally the USA’s strongest supporters, with this newly found friendship, the USA will work to get to control of the Oil in Southern Sudan,  to control one of China’s many sources of energy and with that- give China a cold slap on the face.

It makes sense that the USA works to maintain the longevity of the NCP, after all, they were born out of their allies the Muslim brotherhood ( the Ikhwan), they were nurtured  by them, they were once their biggest allies in the Middle East, a tool the USA and NATO has used  to counteract Arab Nationalism and Communism in the Arab World:

Mark Curtis says

By 1942 Britain had definitely begun to finance the Muslim Brotherhood, on 18 May British embassy officials held a meeting with Egyptian Prime Minister, Amin Osman Pacha, the Muslim Brotherhood were discussed, and a number of points agreed. One was that subsidies from the Wafd party are to be paid in discretion to the Ikhwan, names of potentially dangerous Ikhwan to be exchanged and the group to be held under control via its weak leader Hassam AL Bana” [3]

The book goes on to state that the Ikhwan and Al Saud were part of the British, American plot to destabilise the Arab world, to counteract the spread of Arab Nationalism, to support the NATO bloc against Warsaw and to spread a new breed of suffocating Islamic fundamentalism across the Muslim world. With the Muslims suffocated, the West can do with the Arab world as they please.

With the end of the Cold war, the Ikhwan began to feel the threat of being redundant, and they have turned into the ravenous thieves they are today in the Sudan and in Palestine and other the turn of the century, their old friends were in touch once again, this time- the silent economic war against China.

Now the South has separated from the North, both the Ikhwan and the SPLM have been a major player towards this separation, they might have even received USA bonuses for their prospective corporation in the seperation of the South. one cold slap in the face of China.

If the situation in the Sudan stays unchanged,  Darfur will be next, the issue fuelling Darfur’s separation is part of the west’s silent/ declared  war with Iran, Darfur is set to go  not because of this government, not because of anything, but because the western need to control the Uranium reserves in the region, the USA and its ally Qatar will work very hard to maintain the play of peace talks, but with no resolution in place, now that the South is lost, Darfur will sure be next and the Darfurian issue will escalate, this time the Ikhwan will either be made redundant and or be kept in loose power, as a threat to neighbouring Christian countries, similar to the situation of India- Pakistan but   with a strong dog leash such as the ICC court, Basher will most definitely go as soon as Darfur goes, the rest of the CIA agents in the Sudan  will stay.




[3]Secret Affairs: Britain's Collusion with Radical Islam

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