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Sincere Apology to Bona Malwal Madut by Giir Biar
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Jun 12, 2010 - 11:50:04 AM

Sincere Apology to Bona Malwal Madut


Some years ago, I made a number of public criticisms against Dr. Bona Malwal Madut Ring including linking the facts of attacking him personally under the title, “Moral Case Against Bona Malwal, Defamation of Dead". My approach to issues raised a lot of criticisms against me by our community and I retaliated in kind, thus worsening the situation. I now realise that we were not only a family but also a close friend of his children. Things that had come to my knowledge through trust were not supposed to be used against him. I violated this code. It is not our way; and it is morally wrong.  I therefore appeal here publicly at length to Uncle Bona Malwal and the entire family:


First of all, I am sorry it took me this long not only to realize that I have done you wrong, but also to come in public and linked all family issues with the political gains. Secondly, I am not supposed to expect forgiveness because I know there are grudges and even damages. However, I better correct my mistakes than let it heal in a wrong way. I went against you in public and so I am apologizing in public. I am solely moved by my heart pain of the wrong doing and the damages that I may have caused. For those reasons, I am appealing to each and every one that is a member of Malwal Madut's family, including Thiik Agoth that I may have insulted sometimes, to at list consider my heartily adjustments and to believe in my apology.


Although we have our differences of opinion on several political stances, they should be discussed and solved only through reciprocal and respectful channels. Instead, I was cruel enough to use my personal link for political advantages. In addition, I knew how good you "as in the entire family" tried to be; in every possible way you have tried to be. You kept quiet and did nothing towards the raging war. Unfortunately, I was blinded enough to not interpret anything towards self respect, peace and even family. You see, there are things that I am not proud of, lots of things, sometimes I don't want to forgive myself either. But, if it was not of the mercy of our loving God, I would have still be indulging in my darkness of not forgiving myself. But I have, and I hope you will, too.


The truth is; I had lived with Nyanute and Akuie like a brother for years but more importantly, I had admired you since my childhood until the end of 1990s when I was already in 30s. Therefore, I consider myself to really have a collective heavy weight of history that became part of my life and I hope we won’t have to forsake it. Someone of your weight may not care, but as I have realized the differences and the respect of our traditions, I am constantly guilty.

Once again, for give me.


I wish you a prosperous life and have wonderful time with your families.




Giir Biar

I am a fomer journlist, residing in the USA. I can be reached at [email protected]

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