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No To Hamas-style Democracy By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter, Khartoum
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Mar 9, 2011 - 8:29:21 AM

No To Hamas-style Democracy

By: Tarig Mohamed Kheir Anter,  Khartoum



Hamas of Gaza is supporting Muslim Brothers parties and many ambitious Muslim youth in Egypt; Libya and the Gulf states. While both are ideologically basically the same, they have mutual interests in toppling many hostile corrupt regimes; and supporting other even more corrupt and genocidal regimes.

They have strong leverage upon Aljazeera Satellite TV stations through their collaborators in big percentage of staff and administrators. Hamas is blackmailing businesspersons; politicians; artists; intellectuals; regimes; and statespersons through the intelligence reports they are getting from Aljazeera TV. They are getting funds; intelligence reports and political support in return. They have deep grudges and hatred against most free prosperous individuals and nations.

Hamas is benefiting while working with the Qatari monarchy to establish a Global Sunni Caliphate. All terrorist groups and extremists are Hamasís colleagues including Hezbollah and Al-Qaida branches. Even the rule of Council of Experts in Iran and the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) of Turkey are models for them.

Any true and safe support for democracy and stability in the Middle East and Africa must be after eliminating the threats of Hamas; Muslim Brothers groups and limiting religious extremism. The Copts in Egypt and the Christians and Jews, and many ethnic groups, in Iraq; Lebanon; Sudan; Tunisia; and Algeria did endure while suffering corrupt regimes in their countries but they will never survive legitimizing and participating Muslim Brothers and Hamas-style elections.


Those many killed in the armed conflict or rebellion in Libya (now it is no longer peaceful protests or a popular uprising) is very big but also much smaller than the killing of many hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians and to the millions who were displaced and starved to death. Principles and reason must rule over petty politics and businesses.

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