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Missyria Horses Saddled to Defend Abyai by Gibreel Musa Ahmed
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Mar 31, 2011 - 10:16:56 PM

Missyria Horses Saddled to Defend Abyai                                                        

What so called new Sudan is the wrong idea that most of the southerners think that Sudan will be reshaped according to their will, some of the prominent politicians in the South declared that the annexation of Abyai is one of the entire new Sudan policy .

The peaceful coexistence between Missyria and Dinka Nagok was agood example for fraternity worldwide but this unique coexistence not appeal to those southern politicians they create hostilities between these two brothers the current unrest in the Abyai region could be resolved peacefully .

We are as Myssiria will not allow for every authority to use pressure against us to leave the region under the threat of war so despite the fact we call for peace and mutual respect and brotherhood but in the same time we are ready to quit any conspiracy and ready to join any war that we compelled to join .

The southerners think that we as Missyria are supported by the government of Khartoum in fact we have nothing to do with government of Khartoum the congress party has its own problem with south , but although the protection of the Missyria is the responsibility of the government of the north,Missyria tribe defend themselves from any probable attack  from any direction so if the war broken out the Missyria well trained and fought the war with southerners the Missyria happened to win all the battles in the south so we are not fear the war but we welcome it with great pleasure .

Although there is no equivalence between Missyria and SPLA but Missyria used to win the war and now we are preparing to win the coming war , the SPLA forces using all kinds of modern weapons such as Israeli tanks ( Mircava ) but our cavaliers with their light weapons such as KL47 and the great will of the loyal horses we achieved and will achieve the unpreceded war .

The idea of SPLA to annex Abyai will cost them very high price any turmoil or unrest in the region will affect the new country of the southern Sudan, the coming war will result in huge displacement of Dinka to the South main cities this besides to the current rebellion situation among the SPLA all these reasons may lead to the civil war between the southerners themselves .

The SPLA doing hard efforts with UN and what so called International Justice Court ( IJC ) to,annex Abyai and we know that the western countries by the leadership of the United States urge the southerners to globalize Abyai issue, but even all the world recognize Abyai as apart of the South we will not accept that because Abyai for us as amatter of life or death , we know that Israel intend to interfere in Abyai region the Israeli interference will make us stronger and stronger because we consider ourselves fighting the Zionists and crusaders so this factor will increase our faith in defeating all enemies without acception .


Gibreel Musa Ahmed


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