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Manut Bol from the village stage to the world Stage by Yasir Arman
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Jun 26, 2010 - 7:41:27 AM

Manut Bol from the village stage  to the world Stage


 The grand tall Nilein/ Nileotic   passed away,  drawn from the Nile river its length, greatness and   tyranny  and drawn from his tallness the meanings of additions to life and contributions to humanity and basket ball as a universal star well recognized, death  absented yesterday  my friend and comrade/ Manute Bol in Virginia in the united states of America after Impressive victories in life and struggle with t illness, and Manute who comes from Rural Gogrial from (Tor Aly) the land where from its plains emerged many characters in the leadership stage (Martin Manyel Ayel), (Carbino Konyanw Bol), (Dr. Justin Yac Arob), (Domic Deam) and others.


Manute Bol the son of that village went in a long journey from the village stage to the wide international world stage  and was known on the edges of the globe  as one of basket ball legends, he did not stop there but actively and with high commitment was active on  Sudan and the liberation issues,  he opened his house in the American capital for the leaders of Sudan people Liberation Movement (SPLM)  and the leaders of  National Democratic Alliance (NDA)  , he stood beside the right of  the people of South Sudan to Freedom and equality,  He was generous and loyal and faithful to the principle  that a human being  lives for the others and does not  spare his money or himself , he was always a human being with dignity and high Self-esteem.   Through all  the times that I met him and over and  over .


In hope and Change Campaign I participated in a forum at (Tor Aly) village with the leader Salva Kiir Mayardit and I said at the forum (that they should be so proud that their village gave birth to great women and men and in the forefront is Manute Bol). I met him after that in Juba and told him.

 Manute  departed and Sudan is moving towards its grand issue the referendum on the right to self determination  and if death spared him some time he would’ve witness this event  that he always yearned to.


Manute Bol who always lifted high  the name of Sudan, Baher Algazal, Gogrial (Twic) (Tor Aly)  is  Worthy celebrating. We appeal to Sudanese sport men and women and the intellectuals to celebrate the life of Manute Bol the Sudanese Icon that came from the village Stage to the world Stage, 


Our condolences to his family, his friends, his colleagues, his beloved and the new coming Sudanese generations in spite of all the difficulties, and to  the Rural population in a special way everything is possible and moves from  the  stage  of the village to the top stage  of the world is also possible and  to the broader life good bye/ farewell Manute Bol.


Yasir  Arman

20 June 2010




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