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Let us go to hell it's our chioce/by:James Lwany Kur
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Aug 2, 2010 - 12:50:36 PM

h sudan nowadays looking toward to the coming referendum,and this article is one of the importance issues in CPA which had been signed in kenya january 2005 that maked the end of more than twenty years known as the longest war in africa.In that war southerners have been treated as a slaves in thier own land! many things happend like genocide, rape . And we hear these days that many people works hard in meeting ,writres in the papers  some talk in conferences claiming that for so called unity? What kind of that unity they talking about?should the southerners be in unity which will let them residents in third class .? yet still we wait for the coming referendum and then we will the  show the world that the south  has dignity. It's a chance for us  and it's our right that had been given by constitution. Why do north playing? with our dignity?are we not equal to human being? I heard many voices saying southerners are not able to rule themselves! I  suprise for that who is a judge to measure and make  judgement for us? And why saying those words always? is a greeding for the oil of south? Or beause they are slaves as you think? Iam telling you that the same curriculum and syllabus ,schools university that northerners study and graduates from it is the same we study and graduates as southerners? Then why saying ?this words have been said for Rwanda during genocide now look at Rwanda they govern themselve otherwise they sent to you thire sons as soldiers to saves your citizens from you! So keep saying that let's go to hell it's our choice. James Lwany- kaka




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